TikTok has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms, providing users with a creative outlet to share short videos and connect with a global audience. But like any other platform, TikTok is also used for harassment and cyberbullying. Creating fake TikTok profiles to engage in malicious activities such as spreading rumors, hate speech, or scams has become a prevalent issue. Victims of TikTok harassment experience stalking, harassment, and sexual blackmail. However, even when hiding behind anonymous profiles, a person’s identity can be uncovered. We have ways to identify someone’s IP (Internet Protocol) address, which can be valuable in legal proceedings involving online defamation, fraud, or blackmail. In this article we explain methods on how to find someones IP address on TikTok.

IP addresses are unique identifiers assigned to devices connected to a network. These addresses contain information that can help trace an individual’s identity and location.

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How to Find IP Address on TikTok

When searching for ways to find someone’s IP address on TikTok, you may come across suggestions stating that it is only possible through a court order or a defamation/invasion of privacy lawsuit. However, this is not entirely accurate. We have developed efficient methods for obtaining originating IP addresses and other significant evidence without resorting to subpoenas or warrants. Subpoenas are effective, and sometimes can not be avoided, but bypassing the subpoena process has great benefits.

Why Social Engineering instead of Serving a Subpoena

Bypassing the subpoena process to obtain an IP address associated with an TikTok profile offers several advantages over traditional methods such as filing a civil suit and going through the legal process. Here are some key benefits:

Maintaining confidentiality: By circumventing the subpoena process, you can avoid telegraphing your intentions. When you file a civil suit or subpoena an Internet Service Provider (ISP), it becomes evident to the other party that you are seeking their IP address. This may give them an opportunity to prepare a defense or cover their tracks. By utilizing alternative methods, you can maintain confidentiality and catch the other party off guard, increasing your chances of success.

Avoiding the need for a civil suit: Filing a civil suit can be a lengthy and costly process. It involves drafting legal documents, hiring legal representation, and navigating the complexities of the legal system. Bypassing the subpoena process allows you to sidestep the need for a civil suit altogether, saving you time, effort, and expenses associated with legal proceedings.

Cost-effective: Pursuing a civil suit and obtaining a subpoena can incur significant costs. Legal fees, court filing fees, and other associated expenses can quickly add up. By hiring cyber investigators to find someones IP address on TikTok, you can potentially save a substantial amount of money, making it a more cost-effective approach.

Minimizing delays: Legal processes, including filing a civil suit and waiting for a subpoena to be issued and executed, can introduce delays into your investigation. These delays may hinder your ability to gather timely evidence and address the issue at hand. Bypassing the subpoena process allows you to expedite the acquisition of the necessary information, minimizing unnecessary delays and enabling you to take prompt action.

How to Find Someones IP Address on Tiktok

Tracing a fake TikTok account back to its owner is indeed possible through reverse social engineering and digital forensic analysis. By employing these techniques, you can uncover the TikTok IP address and other relevant information about the account owner.

How to Find IP Address on TikTok

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TikTok does not publicly disclose user IP addresses. Therefore, one must employ social engineering tactics to trick the user into visiting a website that reveals their IP address. This method involves creating a situation where the user unknowingly discloses their IP address. However, it’s important to note that individuals who engage in harassment or defamation online often possess a high level of technical knowledge, making it challenging to deceive them into clicking on such links. Thus, ingenuity is required to outsmart them.

Our digital forensic investigators can find someone’s IP address on TikTok and gather additional details to either implicate or eliminate suspects. We can trace the following information:

  • IP address of the TikTok profile.
  • Device details of the profile owner.
  • Immutable hardware information.
  • GPU vendor, GPU type, screen resolution, and more.
  • Location and language settings of the device.

Proxies and VPN Services

It is crucial to consider the use of proxies, VPN services, or the Tor Network, which can result in obtaining an incorrect IP address. When individuals hide behind these technologies, it becomes difficult to obtain any reliable data about the TikTok owner. Even TikTok itself would not have access to a user’s real IP address when they utilize a VPN service or a proxy. Nonetheless, our team of cyber investigators specializes in such cases and can overcome these obstacles to uncover someone’s true identity.

Limitations of IP Addresses:

Obtaining an IP address alone does not provide the owner’s identity or location. However, there are methods to leverage the IP address and the associated information to uncover someone’s identity.

When You Have Suspects:

If you have one or more suspects in mind, our comprehensive data collection techniques can help you rule them in or out as potential owners of the TikTok profile.

When You Have No Suspects:

If you have no leads regarding the identity of the TikTok profile owner, you may need to obtain an IP address data release from the Internet Service Provider through a subpoena.

Subpoena to Find Someones IP address on TikTok

Sometimes it is unavoidable to subpoena TikTok or an Internet Service Provider. In these cases we prepare subpoenas for our clients on almost a daily basis. With our extensive experience spanning decades, we have honed a meticulous approach to language usage that minimizes ambiguities, deficiencies, and any potential resistance or maneuvering room from defendants or ISPs when they receive document production requests. Such errors in language can lead to the need for document recasting, resulting in the loss of crucial evidence. Our expertise lies in assessing and interpreting evidence acquired through production requests, interrogatory responses, and deposition transcripts from both parties and witnesses. Additionally, our team offers valuable assistance in strategic and tactical matters, including the preparation of deposition outlines and interrogatory questions.

To serve a subpoena, you need the assistance of a lawyer or law enforcement. If taking the legal route, your lawyer needs to file a civil suit.  

Reporting and Blocking

TikTok provides users with tools to combat harassment. If you encounter harassment on the platform, you can report the offensive content or user. TikTok’s reporting feature allows you to flag inappropriate content, abusive comments, or accounts engaging in harassment. Reporting provides valuable feedback to TikTok’s moderation team, enabling them to take appropriate action against violators, including warnings, suspensions, or even permanent bans.

Additionally, blocking users who engage in harassment can be an effective measure to prevent further unwanted interactions. By blocking a user, you can restrict their ability to view or interact with your content, ensuring a safer and more positive TikTok experience.


If you decide to hire cyber investigators to find someones IP address on Tiktok profile, it is crucial NOT to block or report the harassing profiles, as we may need to interact with the anonymous profiles. 

Most of our clients deal with relentless TikTok harassment with malicious intent to cause emotional distress and anxiety with their victim. In these cases, blocking and reporting often doesn’t help, because they will create new profiles to continue their harassment campaign. 

Mental Health Consequences of TikTok Harassment

We have personally seen the mental health consequences ongoing TikTok harassment can have on victims. Unfortunately, many people deal with severe anxiety and distress because of relentless blackmail, harassment, and stalking. You are not alone, and this will pass, even if it may not feel like it now. It may be helpful to call helpline numbers or speak to mental health professionals to seek guidance on coping mechanisms. 

How to Find Someones IP address on TikTok Conclusion:

Finding an IP address from a TikTok profile is a complex task, but with the assistance of skilled cyber investigators, it is possible to uncover valuable information. However, it is important to recognize that an IP address alone does not reveal a person’s identity or location. Utilizing IP addresses, along with other evidence, can significantly contribute to identifying individuals involved in online misconduct.

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