Our Team

In addition to our permanent team, we have a small network of trusted licensed private investigators on all continents who possess the language and technical skills to suit almost any jurisdiction.

Michael Roberts – Rexxfield Founder

Internet Victim’s Advocate, Expert Witness, Digital Forensics Analyst, Electronic Discovery & Litigation Support Consultant

Michael is a seasoned professional in the field of digital forensics and cybersecurity, began his journey in Australia, where, in the mid-80s, he was recruited as the youngest investigator with the Australian Telecommunications commission. Subsequently, he has worked as a licensed private investigator in Australia, The United States and Europe.

Michael worked with law enforcement agencies around the world, including the US Marshals, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and police from Switzerland to Australia. His expertise proved invaluable in criminal investigations, and led to convictions, particularly in identifying anonymous internet users and assisting in arrests and convictions. Michael’s work has also proven the innocence, and release from jail, of falsely accused cyber criminals, in three separate cases.

In 2003, Michael founded Mile2.com, an IT security training company that quickly became a benchmark in the industry. Mile2’s certifications in counter-hacking and digital forensics were recognized by various organizations including the US Air Force, United Nations, Australian Defense Force Signals Directorate, and many law enforcement agencies. Under Michael’s leadership, Mile2 was awarded prestigious contracts and played a significant role in the training of various military and law enforcement personnel.

After selling Mile2 in 2008, Michael shifted his focus to Rexxfield, a digital forensics investigation business unit that further solidified his status as an industry leader. His experience in identifying internet users engaging in illegal online activities grew extensively during this time.

Michael also founded Picdo, Inc., a US 501(c)(3) charity with the mission to reduce the burden on government by teaching law enforcement agents best practices in cybercrime investigations.

Over the years, Michael has appeared as an expert witness in civil litigation cases and as a general witness in criminal cases in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. His extensive experience in unmasking bad actors using communication technologies to commit crimes has made him an indispensable resource in the field of digital forensics and cybersecurity.

John Wetherington

Rexxfield’s Law Enforcement Agency Liaison Lead

With 28 years of federal government experience and 23 years in law enforcement, including multiple divisions of the FBI and the Department of Defense, as well as assisting City, County and State officers and prosecutors within the USA and Globally, John brings decades of experience to Rexxfield as our Law Enforcement Agency Liaison Manager. John’s intricate knowledge of the many Dept of Justice divisions, and their individual mandates, allows Rexxfield to obtain expedited case intake assessment by special agents of the cybercrime divisions of the FBI, Dept of Homeland Security, US Secret Service, and US Attorney’s Offices.

Aman Bhar

I.T. Security Expert & Trainer

Aman has served with leading players in the I.T. Security and Electronic Commerce arenas. In addition to his management and consulting activities he regularly travels the globe on speaking and teaching engagements for some of the world’s largest organizations to assist in securing their information assets. Aman is academically qualified in Information Systems, and specializes in I.T. Security. He has designed cutting-edge security training programmes, delivered training services, designed secure business models, developed national e-commerce communities and managed teams over a rewarding fifteen year period.

Anna Brown

Licensed Private Investigator 

Anna is our lead investigator in our Social Engineering campaigns and engages in pretext based engagements to trace anonymous bad actors. She uses visualization and timeline tools to transform raw cyber investigation findings into visual formats. Her work clearly communicates the temporal and associative elements of each case in a way that a finder of fact (judge or jury) can interpret, ergo, demystifying the digital fog. Proficient in preparing subpoenas and providing legal support to attorneys, she gathers robust evidence for courtroom battles.


Blockchain Analyst/Investigator

Stefan is a seasoned crypto investigator adept at tracking and recovering stolen funds within blockchain networks. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions, he employs cutting-edge tools to trace illicit activities. His expertise lies in unraveling complex transaction histories. Bringing together analytical prowess and blockchain insight, Stefan is dedicated to safeguarding the crypto ecosystem from fraudulent actions.


OSINT Investigator

As an OSINT Investigator, Filip uses his skills and tools to extract valuable intelligence from the vast sea of publicly accessible information available on the internet and other sources. This information can be crucial for decision-making, risk assessment, security measures, and various investigative purposes. Filip gathers and analyzes information to produce actionable intelligence to identify perpetrators behind crypto-related crimes.


Information Security Analyst

Niko is an experienced Information Security Analyst proficient in systematically collecting and analyzing intelligence from both the visible internet and the elusive dark web. With meticulous attention to detail, he uncovers hidden insights, tracks trends, and unveils connections across digital landscapes. As an ethical hacker, and driven by curiosity and a passion for unraveling mysteries, Niko navigates the digital realm to extract actionable intelligence.


Blockchain Investigator Assistant

Resourceful blockchain investigator assistant, proficient in utilizing cutting-edge tools to assist in tracing and analyzing blockchain activities. Detail-oriented and diligent, Evelyn supports the team in gathering vital information to uncover patterns, identify anomalies, and contribute to the recovery of digital assets. She works collaboratively to provide insightful assistance in the investigation of blockchain-related matters.