Our Team

In addition to our permanent team, we have a small network of trusted licensed private investigators on all continents who possess the language and technical skills to suit almost any jurisdiction.

Michael Roberts – Rexxfield Founder

Internet Victim’s Advocate, Expert Witness, Digital Forensics Analyst, Electronic Discovery & Litigation Support Consultant

Michael Roberts of Rexxfield is said to be the world’s first professional internet bounty hunter. A past victim himself, Michael had good reason to dedicate his professional life to catching criminals hiding behind internet anonymity. Thankfully, his antagonist was convicted in 2012 and is now serving a life sentence in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Michael was engaged as a civilian agent in a multi-agency, national manhunt for a murder fugitive in 2013. He located the suspect in just 73 minutes, which led to his arrest by US Marshals. Prior to Michael joining the sting operation the suspect had been on the run for almost two-months.

Previously, Michael coordinated digital forensics and counter-hacking education for the U.S. Air Force, Marines, Army & Navy. Other clients included NATO, Australian military and the United Nations to name just a few. Michael now consults for private and law enforcement clients. Michael has helped bullied school children, celebrities, CEOs and Heads-of-State. His record time for identifying an Internet troll was just 17 minutes in a case where an Attorney General in the U.S. had already spent $100,000+ of taxpayer’s money, with five attorneys and a Grand Jury, in futile attempts to identify a rogue Tweeter.

In 2012 Michael secured the release of a man who had been held in jail for 12 days, without bail, for allegedly sending electronic death threats. In a sting operation Michael was able to prove that the death threats were actually conveyed by the so-called victim in order to frame the man who was later arrested. Michael has also been responsible for several journalistic scoops; he was described by one investigative journalist recently as: “… an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter.” See Michael’s full biography.


Rexxfield’s Law Enforcement Agency Liaison Lead

With 28 years of federal government experience and 23 years in law enforcement, including multiple divisions of the FBI and the Department of Defense, as well as assisting City, County and State officers and prosecutors within the USA and Globally, John brings decades of experience to Rexxfield as our Law Enforcement Agency Liaison Manager. John’s intricate knowledge of the many Dept of Justice divisions, and their individual mandates, allows Rexxfield to obtain expedited case intake assessment by special agents of the cybercrime divisions of the FBI, Dept of Homeland Security, US Secret Service, and US Attorney’s Offices.


Aman Bhar

I.T. Security Expert & Trainer

Aman has served with leading players in the I.T. Security and Electronic Commerce arenas. In addition to his management and consulting activities he regularly travels the globe on speaking and teaching engagements for some of the world’s largest organizations to assist in securing their information assets. Aman is academically qualified in Information Systems, and specializes in I.T. Security. He respects conventional wisdom but has often been accused of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. He believes in success and is able to go to extraordinary means to achieve it. Aman has consulted with Heads of State, Boards of Directors and Industry Captains in the various roles he has played. He has designed cutting-edge security training programmes, delivered training services, designed secure business models, developed national e-commerce communities and managed teams over a rewarding fifteen year period.

Anna Brown

Licensed Private Investigator – Chainalysis Reactor Certified

Anna uses visualization and timeline tools to transform raw cyber investigation findings into visual formats. Her work clearly communicates the temporal and associative elements of each case in a way that a finder of fact (judge or jury) can interpret, ergo, demystifying the digital fog. Anna also launches social engineering campaigns and monitors pretext based engagements.

She is also Chainalysis Reactor Certified and has the knowledge and skills to analyze and trace transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.