How to find IP address from Instagram profile?

When it comes to Instagram, it is very easy to create a fake Instagram profile to spread rumors, hate speech, or scam people. Or someone might even blackmail you, harass you, or damage your reputation by spreading defaming information. But when someone is connected to the social world, their identity is exposed. Even when you don’t submit any of your personal information, tech experts can still find out who you are, where you live, and more, by finding someone’s IP (Internet Protocol) address. This information can also be useful in court when suing the individual for online defamation, fraud, or blackmail. So how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram?

An IP address is used to identify the particular device attached to the network. The information that an IP address holds can help to track down someone’s identity and location. 

How to find someone’s IP address on Instagram

find IP address from Instagram profileWhen doing a Google search on “how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram” you may notice there are many lawyers who will say there is no way to find out, except through submitting a court order to Instagram to reveal the IP address of an Instagram profile, or by filing a defamation/invasion of privacy suit against John Doe. 

This is not true. 

We can expedite the acquisition of originating IP addresses, and other significant evidence, without having to execute subpoenas or warrants to US Silicon Valley-based internet service providers, and other ISP witnesses.

Our digital forensic investigators can find someone’s IP address on Instagram, and more details to rule in, or rule out suspects. We can trace:

  • IP address of Instagram profile
  • Device details of the owner of the Instagram profile
  • Unchangeable hardware of the device
    • GPU vendor, GPU, retina, width, and height of the device, and more.
  • Location and language settings of the device

Help me identify owner of Instagram profile

Find Instagram IP address

It is possible to trace a fake Instagram account back to its owner. Through reverse social engineering and digital forensics analysis, you can find the Instagram IP address and other details about the owner. 

Instagram does not make the IP addresses of users publicly available, so you need to get the Instagram IP address by tricking the user to visit a website that reveals the IP address of the user to you. Tricking someone by clicking a link to steal information is called social engineering. 

This sounds simple, but people who harass or defame others online, are often quite tech-savvy and knowledgeable about hacking, making it hard to trick them to click any link. So you need to be smarter than them and be creative. 

Proxy, VPN, and Tor

It is important to note that, you may get an incorrect IP address because the individual is hiding behind a proxya VPN service, or the Tor Network. In this case, it is hard to find any usable data about the Instagram owner. Not even Instagram would have a user’s real IP Address when the user hides behind a VPN service or a proxy. However, our cyber investigators are specialized in these cases and can defeat these VPNs to find someone’s real identity. 

Using an Instagram IP tracker

If you want to try to find someone’s IP address on Instagram yourself, you can use IP-grabbing services. A well-known IP address tracker is Grabify. Through this service, you can create a link that catches the IP address and device details of the person who clicks the link. The software works well, but in our experience, most people won’t click the link because the generated Grabify link looks odd and deceptive. Especially if you are dealing with a knowledgeable individual, who is carefully hiding his or her identity, those IP trackers most likely won’t work. 

But no matter how careful your antagonist is, our experienced cyber investigators are able to identify more than 80% of our targets and can help you as well. 

An IP address won’t reveal someone’s identity

If you found an IP address, you still won’t know who the owner of the Instagram profile is, as an IP address won’t reveal the identity or location.

But there are ways to use the IP address, and the information it holds, to reveal someone’s identity. 

If you have suspects

If you have a suspect or multiple suspects, you can use our collection of data to rule in or rule out suspects. 

No suspects

If you have no idea who the owner of the Instagram profile could be, you will need to subpoena the Internet Service Provider to release the IP address data. 

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