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Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have given rise to issues like social media slander, stalking, and cyberbullying. Our expert social media investigators specialize in navigating this intricate web of social networking. By conducting in-depth social media investigations, we delve into cases of anonymous social media harassment, unearthing social media evidence and data crucial for legal proceedings.

Our social media investigators can identify the owner of harassing and anonymous social media profiles so you can confront your antagonist in court or hand our evidence over to the police. 

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How Our Social Media Investigators Can Help

Cleanse Your Digital Footprint

Remove Defamatory Social Media Content

We can assist in the elimination of defamatory content from the web, collaborating with social media platforms and utilizing legal avenues to purify your online presence.

Track Your Defamer Down

Identify Anonymous Social Media Accounts

We specialize in uncovering the identities of anonymous online trolls, employing advanced investigative techniques to bring hidden trolls to light, no matter what social media platform they may be using.

Fast Track Your Case

Subpoena and Evidence Preparation

Our skilled team diligently drafts subpoenas and collects crucial evidence, establishing a solid foundation for any legal action taken against cybercriminals and their actions on social media.

Find Justice for the Following Social Media Cybercrimes

At the heart of our services lies a comprehensive suite of social media investigation offerings which we use as a starting place while tailoring our approach to each unique case. Our team is not only trained in the latest investigative techniques but also stays ahead of the evolving digital landscape, collaborating with governments, lawmakers, and law enforcement from six-out-of-seven continents. Our reputation as social media investigation experts shines through in our ability to gather critical evidence, navigate various social media platforms and their challenges, and provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Cyber-Bullying on Social Media

Allow us to trace, locate, and investigate your cyberbullies. Get the evidence you need to build your case, no matter what social media platform you’re being targeted on.

Cyber-Stalking via Social Media

Many stalkers think that their crimes are hidden online, and that they are truly anonymous. They’re wrong. Get professional help in tracking them down and taking action.

Social Media Harassment

Our team is dedicated to identifying and protecting from online harassment, offering decisive solutions to protect your digital well-being, end your harassment, and bring justice to your harasser.

Impersonation and Identity Theft

Are you constantly dealing with fake accounts pretending to be you on social media? Let us identify who, document the evidence, and help you bring an end to it.

Social Media Defamation, Slander, & Libel

Examples of social media defamation include the publishing of false, damaging statements to a social media platform. Rexxfield saw its early formation around combatting such crimes. Together, we can halt the spread of false information and hold accountable those who are responsible.

Social Media Scams and Fraud

Were you scammed via social media? Financial cybercrimes are incredibly common, and on the rise. Let our investigators determine where your money is and help you get it back.

Child Grooming

In the fight against child grooming on social media, our team works diligently to uncover and disrupt these hidden threats, prioritizing the safety and well-being of the most vulnerable.

Sexual Extortion & Revenge Porn

Confronting the distressing realities of sexual extortion and revenge porn, we employ a combination of digital forensics and legal expertise to dismantle these exploitative networks and restore dignity and privacy to the victims.

Catfishing and Fake Profiles

Our approach to combating catfishing and fake profiles on social media involves a meticulous investigation to unmask imposters, providing clarity and security in your online interactions and relationships.

Here’s What The FBI Says About Our Services**:

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[Name Redacted]

“We relied heavily on the Rexxfield report in writing up our justification for why we wanted to open this case as your products made it very clear that there was significant ongoing criminal conduct targeting a victim in [location redacted]. Also to Rexxfield’s credit, the complex frauds unit at [location redacted] was eager to open based in part on your work.”

** the FBI does not officially endorse Rexxfield or our products. Rexxfield is a source, not a law enforcement agent. This feedback is provided by an individual FBI field agent, and it does not necessarily represent the views or position of the FBI more broadly.

What Social Media Platforms Can We Help With?

Below, we explore some of the common social media platforms that we are engaged to investigate, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. The principles, tactics, strategies, and tools that our investigators use are not limited to any social media platform.



Instagram’s visually driven platform often sees cybercrimes like image-based harassment, account impersonation, and privacy violations amid its vast network of shared photos and stories.


On TikTok, the rapid nature of content and trend-driven engagement can lead to unique cybercrimes, including viral defamation and harassment through its short-form video content. The platform’s younger user base also positions TikTok as one of the most common child grooming platforms.


Facebook’s extensive user base is frequently targeted for fake profile creation, misinformation spread, and privacy breaches within its interconnected social community. Facebook defamation is a particularly common issue, and one that is often easy to address.


WhatsApp, a hub for private communication, is susceptible to grooming and scams, where perpetrators exploit its encrypted messaging for malicious activities like harassment, stalking, and impersonation.


SnapChat, falsely known for its “temporary” messaging, plays host to cybercrimes like the sharing of sensitive images without consent and harassment, both of adults and minors. Due to the automatic deleting of messages and images, these can be difficult (but not impossible) to investigate.


Given its role as a major platform for video sharing and community interaction, YouTube encounters issues like video-based defamation, targeted harassment and scams in its comment sections. In some particularly heinous cases, children are groomed or encouraged to engage in dangerous trends. 


Reddit’s diverse forums are susceptible to anonymous harassment, defamation, and information leaks, often occurring in its myriad of topic-specific subreddits. Some subreddits are dedicated to adult content, here sensitive images are commonly posted without consent, aka Revenge Porn.

X (Twitter)

Twitter, with its fast-paced microblogging environment, is a hotbed for cybercrimes such as the spread of defamatory tweets, targeted harassment, impersonation, and anonymity-fueled abuse. As the platform has seen sizeable growth within the financial and investment communities, scams are also commonplace. 

Social Media Cybercrime Case Studies

How we Located the Person Sexually Extorting a Teenager on SnapChat

Case Study

In a critical case of sextortion on Snapchat, we were approached by a concerned father whose daughter was being blackmailed for photos by an anonymous user. Employing social engineering and proprietary software, we successfully identified the perpetrator, capturing vital digital evidence like IP addresses and device details. This led to ghostwriting a subpoena, aiding law enforcement in obtaining crucial customer information to resolve the case and bring justice.

Success after USD$323,000 Scammed by Impersonator of YouTube Influencer

Case Study

A social media influencer was impersonated in a sophisticated financial scam where the victim ‘Paul’ was lured into trusting and ultimately losing a significant amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum to the perpetrator. Utilizing our advanced investigative techniques, we unraveled the scammer’s laundering attempts and collaborated with law enforcement in Canada and the US to freeze and seize the crypto wallets involved, effectively aiding in the recovery process and legal actions.

Social Media: A Cybercriminal's Playground

Social media platforms have evolved into a fertile ground for cybercriminals, offering anonymity and a wide reach. The rapid spread of misinformation, rising instances of identity theft, and the ease of manipulating digital narratives pose significant risks.

Rexxfield stays ahead of these evolving threats, employing cutting-edge techniques and technologies to protect and defend clients in this ever-changing digital terrain.

How Do We Conduct Social Media Investigations?

Our process begins with a comprehensive examination of social media data, including posts, status updates, and metadata, to gather information relevant to the case. We meticulously analyse social media interactions and an individual’s social media footprints, and we conduct social engineering to trace the owner of an anonymous profile. Our social media investigators collect evidence that is admissible in court and that will support your case, provide insights into cybercrime activities, and package our findings in a way that is easily understandable and actionable, no matter how technical. The goal of our investigation is clear: to provide a thorough investigation report with evidence of the owner of profiles, to supports the legal process to assists you in your pursuit of justice.

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