Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery Investigators

Recover Scammed Crypto Assets With Our Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators

Founded in 2008, Rexxfield Investigation’s case success rate of 80+% is due to our very selective case acceptance criteria. In a nutshell, we have more case intake requests than we can handle, so we only accept cases that we believe have a high likelihood of success.

CASE STUDY: USD323,000 Freeze and Seize BTC Scam Success

What Makes Us Different To Law Enforcement, and other Private Investigators?

Government Law Enforcement’s main objective is to issue indictments and get convictions. This is what gets public prosecutors through the doors of big law firms as their careers mature. Furthermore, most cybercrime units are hopelessly under resourced, which is why either:

  1. you have not had a response to your crime report or,
  2. if an officer was assigned, why the case has not progressed (while the scammers continue to launder and convert your Crypto to cash).

Our first objective, on the other hand, is the recovery of your losses, as well as criminal convictions. If the police only arrest a low level “mule” in an organized crypto crime, they will almost always fail to recover the encryption keys needed to recover your stolen crypto.

Our Certified Cryptocurrency Investigations go far beyond just blockchain analysis.

Rexxfield’s crypto scam recovery cases consist of six highly specialized investigative units, each with vastly different competencies:

  1. Cryptocurrency Blockchain Analysis Unit
  2. Open Source Intelligence Unit (OSINT)
  3. Application Code Forensic Analysis Unit
  4. Counter-Scam Social Engineering Unit
  5. Police & Prosecutorial Support Unit
  6. Cross border police task force liaison

Rexxfield is Unique.

The above distinctions to traditional law enforcement or other private recovery agencies that only specialize in blockchain analysis is why our 6-pronged approach brings vastly superior results.

Rexxfield’s team created NexusMyst®, a cyber crime investigation solution that is only available to Law Enforcement. We do not license it to other private investigators.

All our methods are legal, admissible in court, and very compelling to a judge or jury.


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1. Cryptocurrency Blockchain Analysis Unit

Our Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators use, and are fully trained in using Chainalysis Reactor® blockchain investigation solution. We are able to quickly untangle the crypto scammer’s laundering and obfuscation efforts, inasmuch as that is possible. Our early retention in a crypto crime investigation will often result in the freezing of wallets that have direct exposure to proceeds from crypto crimes and scams. Our wallet freeze successes usually occurred long before law enforcement even returned the victim’s call. When this happens, we can persuade the prosecutor in your jurisdiction to expedite the police action. We will even ghostwrite seizure warrants for prosecutors in smaller jurisdictions that are not familiar with crypto crimes.

cryptocurrency investigations chainanalysis

2. Open Source Intelligence Unit (OSINT)

Our Open Source Intelligence Analysts apply their expertise in making assessments and predictions to support decision-making for each and every cryptocurrency investigation we conduct. They perform a variety of tasks from tactical intelligence functions to strategic reporting on threats and challenges to the other investigators. If our blockchain and social engineering investigators are the bloodhounds, then our OSINT analysts are the scouts who are assessing red herring distractions, footprint erasure, and historical connections.

3. Forensic Code Analysis Unit

Many crypto scammers instruct their victims to download and install sophisticated mobile phone applications as part of the scam. Our white-hat hackers reverse engineer these apps to find valuable clues about the app creators and all the services they are using. We then help detectives and prosecutors prepare warrants for services on these new witnesses that would otherwise go unnoticed.

4. Counter-Scam Social Engineering Unit

Our cybercrime investigators will actually engage and communicate with your scammers, pretending to be their next victims. During those engagements, we can capture originating IP addresses and other digital evidence and artifacts associated with your crypto scammers. Not only that, we groom the scammer, just as he or she groomed you, into unmasking his entire criminal hierarchy. Once we have identified the whole gang, we have also found the boss who holds the encryption keys to your stolen crypto.

5. Police and Prosecution Support Unit

For the pendency of your case, we will provide evidence, sworn affidavits and instructions for your local prosecutors so that they have the probable cause needed to:

  • Extend and expand our early wallet freeze requests;
  • Issue subpoenas, and
  • Issue arrest warrants.

When prosecutors and detectives lack the specialty technical knowledge required, we also ghostwrite these documents and orders to expedite the process.

6. Cross-Border Police Task Force Liaison

Unfortunately, crypto scammers can usually launder stolen crypto and disappear long before law enforcement is able to process a crime report and act. This is even worse when the scammer is in a different country to the victim (which is almost always). Rexxfield, using our proprietary NexusMyst solution, is able to quickly acquire the geographical location of the scammers. We then contact the cyber crime unit in the scammers country and brief them on the case. We then provide that detective’s contact details to the local Detective in the victim’s jurisdiction. This has saved weeks, even months of bureaucratic delays in the past.