Cyber Crimes Investigator

The Rexxfield Cyber Crimes Investigators are highly trained professionals who investigates criminal activity that occurs online or through the use of technology. We identify and apprehend cybercriminals, gather evidence, and provide expert testimony in court cases.

Rexxfield’s founder is a Cyber Crimes Investigator. On TV, he was named the world’s first professional internet bounty hunter. Michael Roberts had a better reason than most to dedicate his professional life to catching cyber predators – he was once a victim.

This is why he started his private cyber investigator department. After coordinating the white hat security education for the NATO, the UN and US Air Force he and our team of cyber crime investigators apply their skills for private and law enforcement clients. We help all categories of people; from school children to celebrities and corporate CEO’s. Our team includes Cyber Crime Investigators, as well as Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery experts.

We have a specialized set of skills and knowledge with a deep understanding of computer systems and networks, as well as knowledge of programming languages and computer forensics. We are familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding cybercrime and have the ability to work with law enforcement agencies and legal teams.

We have the global expertise and resources necessary to investigate a range of cybercrime activity, and employ a full range of investigative strategies to identify the people behind cyber attacks.

Our Cyber Crime Investigators

Our Cyber Crime Investigators specialize in:

We have Cyber Crime Investigators, Crypto Crime Investigators, Case Analysts, Digital Forensics Analysts and Defamation Litigation Consultants. With our Cyber Crime Investigations you will reduce financial expenditure associated with cybercrime; malicious defamation, stolen crypto, and other online related wrongdoing. We bring peace of mind. You will have the world’s foremost digital forensics experts, and we apply legal, ethical and most importantly admissible techniques when developing your case.

We Specialize in Identifying Anonymous Trolls on the Internet

We have an 80%-90% success rate for positively identifying IP addresses for anonymous social media profiles, email addresses, and phone numbers.  In most cases we can gather much more evidence, leading to the positive identification of the individual behind unlawful or harassing internet activities.

If you have suspects, we can rule in, or rule out the involvement of the suspects by tracing information from both the anonymous individual as the suspect to see if there is a match in IP address, digital fingerprints, device hardware, etc.

Our Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery Investigators specialize in tracing stolen funds, identify and locate the crypto scammers, and prepare reports for the FBI and law enforcement.

How a cyber crimes investigator reduces litigation costs

Rexxfield’s Cyber Private Investigators & Litigation Support Services can drastically reduce litigation expenses. We do this by bypassing archaic evidence discovery procedures through the subpoena process. Our cyber investigators use social and digital forensics to positively identify the individuals responsible for civil and criminal wrongdoing utilizing the internet. There have been cases for which we saved our clients many tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, as well as shortening the case duration.

No more subpoenas to Internet Service Providers

Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) delete their I.P address log files within six months of their creation. Therefore this crucial evidence is often lost but should be preserved or obtained very early in the case. Often, log file owners can’t be identified until after the Internet Service Providers respond to the subpoena. A cyber crimes investigator of our team can bypass these delays by positively identifying the antagonists. Out of court. Our identification methods will save you 60 – 120 days in delays which are caused by subpoena non-compliance by the front facing websites and Internet Service Providers. Read more on crucial early steps in preserving evidence.

Subpoenas & Electronic Discovery Requests

cyber crimes investigator helps with subpoena preparationIf there is a need for a subpoena, Rexxfield can prepare subpoenas for you. Many judges are reluctant to issue production orders for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for fear of treading on the first amendment. We prepare detailed subpoena addendums that uses a plain language description of the requested records with a justification that satisfies even the most cautious judge. We even successfully obtained ex parte orders against Google for record production that others had to fight for over many months. Often without success. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the precise technical language for the subpoena so that the ISPs won’t withhold crucial data due to insufficient or vague subpoena preparation.

Litigation support for cyber related crimes

Besides out-of-court solutions for online libel problems, Rexxfield can strengthen the efforts by your litigation team and bring equitable and injunctive relief for the plaintiff or a strong defence for the defendant. 

Rexxfield is not a law firm, nor does we have any attorneys in our employment. Our litigation support described above is only available to or through licensed attorneys or law firms.