It’s unbelievably easy to send confidential emails as well as conceal your identity. You can hide your IP address and make it appear as if the email comes from a different IP address. However, we see lots of people abuse this to endanger, track, or misuse someone online. Of all our cyber examinations, we are most engaged in finding the email sender’s IP address or trace IPs from texts, etc. We trace anonymous email senders every day, as well as spoofed texts and social media. We will explain how to find an IP address. 

Help me find an IP address

Usually, the individuals behind these emails torment the receivers and bring them anxiety, stress, and rage. If this is happening for you, don’t act from your emotions. By responding with irritations or anger, you might trigger your harasser even more, resulting in increased harassment as well as online assaults.

Before doing anything

Always remain calm and do nothing, or respond appropriately to anonymous emails. The emails may be disturbing, distressing, or perhaps scary, yet reacting in anger or abusive language can intensify problems and even get you in legal problems.

Why find the IP address of the email sender

By finding the IP address of the email sender, you can figure out where the sender is based. If you map an email to an IP address, you can discover the area by checking the IP address on InfoSniper. InfoSniper and other IP address look-up tools are an online API geolocation service that geolocates an IP address.

Remember that the sender may conceal behind a VPN or other proxies. In which case, the IP address will show a false place.

If you think the email sender is a person you know, you can compare the IP address with various other emails from that person. Or you can narrow down the possibility of that individual being the offender by finding the sender’s location.

What information an IP address gives you

An IP address will provide you standard details about:

  • The Internet Service Provider (ISP) 
  • The IP’s hostname
  • The country
  • The region/state
  • The city
  • The approximated latitude and longitude of the area
  • The location code for that region
  • Any recognized services operating on that IP

The IP address area information DOES NOT provide you with a road name, residence number, or phone number. An IP address will give you the city and the ISP the sender used. 

Find someone by IP address

There are different approaches for finding an IP address from the email sender. You can find an IP address of the email sender by examining the full email header, which exposes email metadata and transmitting details. Typically, you would not appreciate these details, but it permits you to trace the email source and gives the information required to situate the IP address.

Not all email service providers give this information in their email headers. Depending on the situation, you can either a) ignore the antagonist in the hope he/she will stop, or b) engage cyber detectives to find the IP address of the email sender.

We also explained finding someones IP address on Instagram and TikTok

How to find the IP address of Gmail email sender

Sadly, Gmail does not provide IP addresses in the header anymore. To discover the IP address of the email sender in Gmail, you need to obtain a court order to submit to Google.

If you know the sender’s ISP, you can ask the ISP to give the IP address. 

How to find an IP address of the Outlook email sender 

  1. Double-click on the email so it opens in a new window.
  2. Click the three dots in the right corner. Then click View –> View Message source. This will open the full email header.
  3. Search for “Received: from.” The IP address will display a series of numbers and dots. If you see multiple “Received: from” with an IP address, choose the IP address in the last mention.

How to find an IP address of ProtonMail sender

If you are receiving emails from ProtonMail, you are dealing with a much more knowledgeable email sender. ProtonMail is an email solution that provides security and anonymity to its customers. The emails are secured in order to hide IP addresses. If you are being harassed by ProtonMail emails, the sender is deliberately hiding his or her IP address.  

BUT even though it is more challenging, there are still ways to trace an IP address from ProtonMail, but this is a lot more time-consuming and requires some know-how. With our cyber investigation tools, we can map IP addresses from almost anything: ProtonMail, text, social media sites messages, and we can even defeat VPN.

When you received an email from an anonymous sender

– Always save the emails and maintain a detailed account of all the details you can discover. If you make a decision to take him or her to court, this info could be very helpful.

– When the emails include abusive language or risks, speak to the authorities immediately.

Identifying individual by ruling in/ruling out

There are a couple of ways to trace an IP address back to an individual. One (less costly) method is to rule in/rule out. Ruling in or out only works if you have a suspect. To rule in/rule out, we apply a mix of state-of-the-art skills as well as old-fashioned instinct. Contact our cybercrime investigators to discuss if and exactly how we can help you to find the IP address of the email sender and identify your antagonist.

How to find an IP address through the Internet Service Provider

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) stores the data of an IP address. This information is crucial. This IP address information from an ISP can reveal a person’s identification as well as address.

However, ISP’s don’t just turn over this information. You will need to get a subpoena or court order to require the ISP to release the IP address data.

We consistently subpoena ISP’s on behalf of our clients and aid lawyers with the wording of the request. Since we have done it so often, we know exactly how and what to ask for.