Public Figure Cyberstalkers Investigations

Unmasking Anonymous Bad Actors Stalking Public Figures

Celebrities and public figures face new and unique challenges when it comes to protecting their privacy and safety. One of the most common forms of celebrity cyberstalking is harassment through social media, that involves the persistent and unwanted pursuit of a person online. Cyberstalkers may create fake accounts to send threatening messages or post harassing comments on a public figure’s social media pages. They may also send unwanted messages, follow the public figure online, or post unauthorized photos or videos, and threatening text messages. Cyberstalkers can use a variety of tactics, including harassment, threats, and intimidation to terrorize their victims. The effects of cyberstalking can be devastating, causing emotional distress, and financial harm. In some cases, public figure cyberstalkers may escalate their behavior to physical threats. For example, they may threaten to harm the public figure at an event or show up uninvited at their home or workplace. In extreme cases, cyberstalkers may even commit acts of violence against their targets. Public Figure Cyberstalkers Investigation

Despite the serious nature of cyberstalking, many victims face significant challenges when seeking help. Law enforcement agencies usually do not have the resources, expertise or willingness to investigate these cases, and the anonymity of the internet can make it difficult to track down the perpetrators. There are often roadblocks due to cross-jurisdictional issues, lack of evidence, or other reasons. As a result, many celebrities have turned to private investigators and cybersecurity experts like us for help.

How we help Public Figures Identify their Cyberstalkers

Rexxfield’s cyber investigators can trace public figure cyberstalkers back to their real-world identities. We combine our proprietary  open source intelligence techniques to collect data and social engineering to trace information, such as IP addresses, to identify the user’s identity. We use a combination of subscription-based tools, as well as our own proprietary solution to trace IP addresses, device details, unchangeable hardware, and more.

What Makes Us Different From Other Cyber Investigators

Rexxfield stands out from other cyber investigation firms due to its unique combination of open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and social engineering techniques. While most investigation firms rely solely on OSINT tools, Rexxfield takes it a step further by employing social engineering tactics to gain additional information that may not be publicly available.

By using social engineering techniques such as pretexting, baiting, and phishing, Rexxfield is able to gather information from sources that may not be easily accessible through traditional OSINT methods. This includes information from people, such as individuals close to the target, who may have valuable insights or knowledge that can help in the investigation.

Rexxfield’s approach allows them to gather a more comprehensive set of data and provide their clients with a more accurate and complete picture of the situation. Additionally, their use of social engineering techniques can often reveal hidden links and connections that would not have been uncovered through OSINT tools alone. This makes Rexxfield a valuable asset in cases of cyberstalking and online harassment, where identifying and tracing anonymous bad actors can be challenging.

Since 2008 Rexxfield provides discrete investigative services to celebrities and public figures. Such cases are managed exclusively by our founder, Michael Roberts.

Your confidentiality and privacy are assured.

How We Helped BrewDog Co-Founder James Watt Win £600,000 Lawsuit Against Ex-Lover’s Trolling Campaign

Mr. Watt, the founder of Brewdog decided to go public with his case, after Michael successfully identified his protagonist, despite the sophisticated use of VPN cloaking services.

Rexxfield’s work resulted in the criminal conviction of Ms. Emili Ziem, and court-ordered restitution of the equivalent of USD 675,000.

The following articles have been published about the case:

Threat Monitoring to Shield Public Figures from Cyberstalkers

Another powerful tool in the fight against cyberstalking is threat monitoring. This involves using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to scan social media and other online platforms for signs of threatening or harassing behavior. By detecting these threats early, security teams can take proactive steps to protect their clients and prevent potential harm.

Dark web searches can reveal sites where personal information is being sold, while subscription-based systems can track the movements of possible bad actors on social media. Some celebrities have even created databases of known stalkers and used facial recognition technology to detect their presence at events.

While cyberstalking can be a traumatizing experience, public figures should remember that they have an array of tools at their disposal to identify and monitor their stalkers. No stalker should be ignored, and taking proactive steps to protect oneself is crucial in today’s digital age.

Identify the individual tormenting you.