Crypto Assets and Divorce

Cryptocurrency – aka Crypto – it’s that digital gold rush that’s been all the buzz.

But when it comes to splitting assets in a divorce, crypto can turn into a real headache. Why? Well, because it’s pretty easy to hide, it’s incredibly volatile, and let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a new frontier for everyone involved, including the courts.

 That’s where Rexxfield comes in. 

    Finding Hidden Crypto in Divorces: Blockchain Forensic Investigators

    Whether you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that your soon-to-be ex is stashing Bitcoin away or you’re a family law attorney wanting to ensure your client gets their fair share, you’re in the right place. We’ve mastered the art of uncovering hidden crypto and valuing it correctly, so that you have the peace of mind that all your spouse’s crypto activity will be considered in the divorce settlement.

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    Finding Hidden Crypto in Divorces

    Hidden Crypto: The Latest Challenge in Divorce

    How Our Crypto Investigators Can Help
    – Confirming Type and Location of Holdings
    – Finding Hidden Assets
    – Legal Collaboration

    The Outcome: Proving Assets and Demonstrating Deceit
    – Identification and Evidence of Digital Assets
    – Valuation at Specific Times
    – Uncovering Patterns of Deceit
    – Voluntary Disclosure Negotiation

    Digital Forensics and Crypto Analysis Techniques
    – Tracing Cryptocurrency
    – Valuation of Cryptocurrency
    – Examination of Digital Footprints
    – Utilizing Blockchain Explorers

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    Hidden Crypto Assets: The Latest Challenge in Divorce

    The realm of cryptocurrency presents a unique battlefield in divorce negotiations. Unlike traditional assets, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and countless other alt-coins and tokens, offer a level of anonymity and ease of transfer that can be a boon for those looking to keep certain assets out of sight. This digital asset class operates on the blockchain, a decentralized ledger that records transactions across a network of computers, making transactions secure but also challenging to trace without the right tools and expertise.

    Understanding the basics of cryptocurrency is crucial in these cases. Each unit of cryptocurrency, whether it’s a coin like Bitcoin or a token used on decentralized applications, is tied to a public key—a visible address on the blockchain where transactions are recorded. However, the owner’s identity is tied to a private key, which is essentially their digital signature, kept secret. Without access or knowledge of these keys, unraveling who owns what becomes a daunting task.

    This inherent design of cryptocurrencies—to ensure privacy and security—also creates a perfect veil for concealing assets. Someone could transfer significant amounts of wealth into cryptocurrency, move it across wallets or exchanges with little more than a few clicks, and leave virtually no trace accessible to the untrained eye. In a divorce, this means assets that should be part of the marital pool for division can be effectively hidden, potentially skewing settlements and leaving one party at a significant disadvantage.

    Our aim is to equip you with a foundational understanding of digital currencies, blockchain technology, and the significance of public and private keys, providing a stepping stone to uncovering hidden cryptocurrency assets. With this knowledge, we want to better prepare you to navigate the digital asset landscape with confidence, ensuring an equitable resolution in your divorce proceedings.

    Looking for Answers?

    Navigating through a divorce is tough, and when cryptocurrency gets thrown into the mix, things can feel a bit like the Wild West.

    For Divorcing Spouses

    Feeling out of your depth with all this crypto talk? We get it. Cryptocurrency is tricky at the best of times, and when you’re dealing with the stress of a divorce on top, it’s the last thing you want to worry about. We’re here to help find and value any hidden digital treasures to ensure you get what you’re entitled to.

    For Legal Professionals

    Keeping up with the digital age is no small feat, especially when it comes to assets as complex as cryptocurrency. We provide the information, techniques, and expertise you need to navigate these uncharted waters, giving your clients the edge.

    What sets us apart isn’t just our tech-savvy approach; it’s our understanding of both the digital world and the legal process. We don’t just dig into the data; we dig into the details of your case, ensuring our investigation aligns perfectly with your needs and legal strategy. 

    With Rexxfield by your side, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting peace of mind and the assurance that no stone will be left unturned in the search for any hidden digital assets your spouse or ex may be keeping from you and the judge. Let’s make sure everyone gets their fair share, in the real world and the digital one.

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    How Our Crypto Investigators Can Help

    At Rexxfield, we offer a premier suite of investigation services tailored to uncover, prove, and assist with the recovery of hidden cryptocurrency assets in divorce cases. Our approach combines the latest in digital forensic techniques with a deep understanding of blockchain technology, providing you with a clear path through the complexities of digital asset division.

    Finding Hidden Digital Assets

    Cryptocurrency exists in various forms and locations—from popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum stored in exchanges to obscure ‘alt-coin’ tokens held in private digital wallets that may not even be listed on exchanges. Our team employs best-in-class crypto tracing tools that allow us to trace transactions back to their source, revealing the types of cryptocurrency involved and where they are held. This not only aids in asset identification but also in understanding the movement and potential concealment of assets.

    Confirming Type and Location of Holdings

    Our journey begins with a meticulous process to confirm the existence of cryptocurrency holdings. Leveraging advanced digital forensics, we scrutinize digital footprints left by transactions, delve into financial records, and use data analysis to pinpoint potential cryptocurrency activities. This initial step sets the foundation for a thorough investigation.

    Legal Collaboration

    We understand the importance of aligning our investigative efforts with your legal strategy. Whether you need an expert witness, assistance in preparing a strategy for a deposition, or an investigator with a solid grasp of chain of custody and who can advise on how to deliver technical evidence so that the non-technical can understand – Rexxfield has you covered. 

    Rexxfield's Public/Private Law Enforcement Partnerships

    We have worked with the U.S. Marshals, FBI, USSS, DHS, numerous European, African and Asian cybercrime police agencies, Australian State and Federal police and many private security, and corporate intelligence organizations.

    Rexxfield's Public/Private Law Enforcement Partnerships

    We have worked with the U.S. Marshals, FBI, USSS, DHS, numerous European, African and Asian cybercrime police agencies, Australian State and Federal police and many private security, and corporate intelligence organizations.


    Step 1

    Initial Contact

    Reach out to Rexxfield through our contact form at, selecting that it is a divorce case from the options listed, and providing our team with context and information about your situation.

    Free Online Consultation

    An investigator will reach out to you to learn more about your situation and schedule a free online consultation.

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Contract and Engagement

    A case-specific contract will be prepared for you to sign, followed by an invoice. Once payment is made, your investigation will begin.


    Depending on what you know about your spouse’s crypto assets, our investigation will vary:

    1. If you know all the crypto wallet addresses, we start tracing and valuing assets immediately.


    2. If you know some wallet addresses, we make the most of the information you do have to identify witnesses who could reveal additional hidden crypto assets.


    3. If you’re unsure about the existence or details of your spouse’s crypto assets, we assist by:
        • Searching for evidence of crypto in your spouse’s activities.
        • Assisting your lawyer with requests for information from the other party.
        • Where appropriate, working with your legal representation to make the most of your divorce deposition(s).

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Comprehensive Reporting

    We’ll prepare a detailed report of our findings.


    What’s included in the report?

    At the conclusion of our investigation, we compile a detailed report of our findings. This report includes evidence of hidden or undisclosed cryptocurrency assets, valuations of identified assets, and an overview of the investigative process, all prepared in a format that supports legal scrutiny and can be repeated by law enforcement should the opposing party continue in their deceit and be held in contempt.

    If required, we can offer expert testimony in court, presenting our findings to support your case. Our experts are skilled at conveying complex information in a clear and compelling manner, proving the existence of undisclosed assets, attempts to hide them from the spouse and/or court, and advising on valuation for an equitable division.

    Other Ways We Can Help

    Depending on your needs, we offer additional services, including but not limited to:

    • Providing a written expert witness statement.
    • Helping your lawyer prepare for interrogatories.
    • Offering expert witness testimony in court or online.
    • Ghost-writing subpoenas for precise information requests.

    Curious to learn more about how Rexxfield can assist you?

    Step 6

    The Outcome: Proving Assets and Demonstrating Deceit

    In divorce proceedings, the emphasis is on accurately proving the existence of digital assets, establishing their value at a crucial point in time, and unveiling any patterns of intentional deceit by the opposing party. Our process accomplishes this by focusing on these critical aspects:

    Identification and Evidence of Digital Assets

    Utilizing advanced digital forensics, we systematically identify hidden cryptocurrency holdings and meticulously prove their existence in a way that anyone can understand. Our investigation delves into digital trails and transactions, ensuring that every piece of digital currency is accounted for.

    Uncovering Patterns of Deceit

    Beyond the identification and valuation, we specialize in revealing patterns of wilful deceit. This includes tracing the deliberate attempts to secret away digital assets like Bitcoin and other crypto, transfers designed to hide wealth, and any actions that suggest an intent to deceive the court or spouse. Our expertise allows us to uncover evidence of such behaviors, supporting claims of dishonesty and manipulation.

    Valuation of Crypto Assets for Divorce

    We provide precise valuation of the identified digital assets for critical moments, such as the date of separation, leveraging historical data and market analysis. This is essential for an equitable division of assets, ensuring that values are fair and reflect the true worth of the cryptocurrency holdings at relevant times.

    By focusing on these areas, we provide our clients with the evidence and insights needed to ensure a fair and just settlement, both by proving assets exist and that the opposing party was attempting to hide the assets from the court.

    Would you like to get more specific?

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    Digital Forensics and Crypto Analysis Techniques

    Tracing Cryptocurrency

    The heart of our service lies in our ability to trace digital assets that their owner thinks they have successfully hidden. Using cutting-edge blockchain analytics, we ‘follow the money’ across multiple platforms, wallets and even through sophisticated methods designed to obfuscate the crypto currency trail. Our expertise in reading the blockchain enables us to uncover on and off ramps (where cash is converted to crypto and vice versa), the transaction chain, trace through conversions of one coin to another, and identify witnesses that can be subpoenaed for evidence and establish connections that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    Valuation of Cryptocurrency

    Your spouse and their lawyers may undervalue their crypto activity and asset value in their side’s divorce proceedings submission, but Rexxfield will produce irrefutable proof of the assets true value at any given point in time and prove them to be an unreliable party at the same time.

    Examination of Digital Footprints

    Cryptocurrency transactions leave behind digital artifacts—bits of information that, when correctly interpreted, can reveal the presence of digital assets. Our team meticulously analyzes these artifacts, from transaction histories to wallet addresses, using specialized software that can sift through vast amounts of data to find the evidence needed to prove ownership and value of the assets.

    Exploring the Blockchain

    Blockchain explorers are invaluable in our investigation process. They provide a window into the blockchain, allowing us to see the movement of assets in real-time. By tracking the flow of funds from one address to another, we can piece together the puzzle of hidden assets, providing concrete evidence for legal proceedings.

    We ensure that no stone is left unturned in the search for hidden cryptocurrency assets and their true value. Let us guide you through this challenging process, ensuring that all assets, digital or otherwise, are fairly considered and divided.

    Voluntary Disclosure Negotiation

    An important part of our work is helping you and your lawyers know exactly what to ask for when you need documents or information from the other side. The purchase, storage, conversion, and movement of crypto assets differs greatly from traditional assets, and most people only understand a few small parts of the bigger picture. We know exactly what questions to ask and how to ask them to make sure nothing important is missed. By helping legal teams ask for the right information the first time, we make the whole process faster and more straightforward. This helps our clients by making sure their case is as strong as it can be, right from the start.

    Ongoing Support

    Understanding that divorce proceedings can evolve, we remain at your side, offering ongoing support and advice. Whether it’s responding to new developments or answering lingering questions, our commitment is to ensure you’re fully prepared to navigate the complexities related to cryptocurrency assets in your divorce.

    Why Choose Rexxfield?

    In the intricate world of divorce settlements, especially where the invisible yet valuable assets like cryptocurrency are involved, choosing the right partner to guide you through can make all the difference. At Rexxfield, we don’t just offer services; we offer solutions, support, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a dedicated team of experts on your side. Here are a few reasons why Rexxfield stands out as your premier choice:

    Track Record of Success

    Not only are we THE original digital forensics investigation company, but our demonstrated ability to discover hidden digital assets has continually led to favorable outcomes for our clients, just as we’ll do for you.

    Personalized Strategies

    We recognize the uniqueness of each case and tailor our strategies accordingly, ensuring they align with both legal requirements and your objectives.

    Extensive Expert Network

    Our broad network across legal, financial, and blockchain fields allows for a comprehensive approach to every case, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

    Cutting-Edge Digital Forensics

    Our team’s mastery of digital forensics and blockchain technology uncovers hidden assets and ensures evidence holds up in court, offering a significant edge.

    Expertise Led by Michael Roberts

    Under Michael Roberts’ leadership, we blend deep technical knowledge with extensive legal experience to deliver litigation and legal support across cybercrime for many years. While we are not lawyers, we have been delivering insights in a manner that maximally benefits your case.

    Empowerment Through Knowledge

    We’re committed to demystifying cryptocurrency for our clients and their legal teams, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to confidently navigate their cases.

    Choosing Rexxfield means partnering with a team that offers more than just the technical capability needed to uncover and prove ownership of digital assets like Bitcoin and other crypto. It means choosing a partner who understands what you’re going through and stands by your side, supporting you with technical knowledge, legal experience, and genuine empathy.

    Most importantly, it means choosing a partner that brings together the technical and legal knowledge needed to ensure your financial and emotional well-being is protected, guiding you towards a future where your security and peace of mind are restored.

    Choose a partner that values integrity, innovation, and, above all, your success. Choose Rexxfield.

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    "I searched through several private investigators before deciding on Rexxfield, as I have learned that very few PIs can actually do this type of investigation. Considering all Rexxfield provides, their prices are extremely reasonable and they genuinely care about your case. Along with their ability to obtain conclusive evidence, Michael, owner of Rexxfield, is an excellent testifier and has top-notch credentials. My attorney was pleased."
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    "Within only a couple of days, Rexxfield discovered the identity of the cowardly 'anonymous' owner of a website, which he created to discredit and defame me. I was then able to file a lawsuit against him. I am so grateful. This could not have been accomplished without Rexxfield's expert work! This company is nothing short of miraculous. Strongly recommend!"

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