Cyber Crime Investigations

Our cyber investigators specialize in tracing, locating, and identifying online offenders who hide behind emails, phone numbers, social media accounts, and more. Our crypto investigators investigate, trace, and recover stolen crypto funds.

Our Services

Every investigation includes an affidavit, subpoenas when needed, and testimony in court. Our digital forensics can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees, and reduces court case duration.

Trace a phone number, email, or other online accounts.

Using custom-built tools, we specialize in exposing offenders hiding behind anonymous online accounts, and discreetly reveal online cyberbullies.

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Crypto tracing & recovery

Trace your stolen crypto

We help victims of cryptocurrency and trading scams through tracing, and recovery operations. We work closely with international law enforcement

anonymous defamation investigation

Online defamation investigation

Identify who is damaging your reputation

Is your or your company's reputation damaged by a malicious online smear campaign? We can identify who is responsible.

Founder of Rexxfield, Michael Roberts

Licensed Private Investigator, and said to be the world’s first professional Internet troll hunter.

Michael Roberts had better reason than most to dedicate his professional life to catching cyber predators – he was once a victim. Previously coordinating white-hat security education for the US Air Force, NATO, the UN to name a few, Michael now uses his skills for private and law enforcement clients. He’s helped all manner of people from school children to celebrities and CEOs. His record time for identifying a troll was 17 minutes in a case where an Attorney General in the US had already spent $100,000 of tax-payers money and five internal attorneys in futile attempts to identify a rogue Tweeter.

In the Media


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“PI Michael Roberts – who specialises in digital forensic work – was able to prove Ziem was behind the scam.”

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Cyber Crime Services for Law Enforcement Agencies Through Rexxfield


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Identify the individual tormenting you.