Private Cyber Crime Investigations

Our cyber investigators specialize in tracing, locating, and identifying online offenders who hide behind emails, phone numbers, social media accounts, and more.

Our fraud and scam first-response experts can investigate, trace, freeze, and recover stolen crypto and fiat currency funds, from criminals almost anywhere in the world; even Africa and China.

Our Services

Social Media Investigations

Smear campaigns, online harassment

Identify Internet Trolls

Owners phone numbers, email addresses, websites, etc.

Crypto Scam Investigations

Investment Scams, Romance Scams, Fiat and Crypto Recovery

Business Email Compromise

Trace stolen money and locate scammers

Rexxfield’s Public/Private Law Enforcement Cooperation

We have referred cases to the U.S. Marshals, FBI, USSS, DHS, numerous European, African and Asian cybercrime police agencies, Australian State and Federal police and many private security, and corporate intelligence organizations.

Don’t let cyber criminals overpower you. Take back control of your digital life and get relief and justice with the help of our investigators.

Are you a victim of cyber crime? Feeling helpless, violated, and looking for a way to take back control? Since 2008 we’ve been providing people just like you with the professional cyber crime investigations you need to stop online attacks, get justice and reclaim your peace of mind.

Our team understands the devastating impact that cyber crime has on individuals, families, and businesses. That’s why our dedicated team of expert investigators is committed to fighting alongside you, leveraging cutting-edge technology and unyielding determination to track down and stop those responsible.

Remember, with Rexxfield in your corner, you are never alone in this battle. Together, we can get you justice and regain your confidence interacting with life online.


Social Media Investigations

We gather evidence to stop anonymous social media accounts from harassing you. In most cases we identify the IP address and personal information of the profile owner, and rule in / out suspects. Additionally, we provide actionable intelligence for police or legal action.

Defamation & Harassment

Online defamation is often part of a broader smear campaign against individuals or businesses. We help clients find all mentions of defamation, build a case of proving online defamation and identify who is responsible for the smear campaign to sue for damages in court.

anonymous internet users

Identify Internet Trolls

Is someone harassing you through texts, emails, social media, or websites? With our proprietary software, we can quickly identify anonymous internet users so you can prove in court, or to the police, who is responsible for the harassment and/or smear campaign.

Crypto Scam Recovery Services

We solve crypto scams by tracing stolen crypto and identifying and locating the scammers for arrest. We also work closely with international law enforcement to coordinate court ordered recovery operations.

Romance Scams

We undertake each romance scam investigation case-by-case, listening carefully to your story to develop a plan using scammer engagement, investigative tools and intelligence partners to trace, unmask and recovery your assets.

Divorce: Uncover and Value Hidden Crypto Assets

We combine the latest in digital forensic techniques with deep legal knowledge to uncover, prove, and assist with the recovery of hidden cryptocurrency and other digital assets in divorce cases.

Business Email Compromise & Invoice Fraud

Our cyber investigators uncover and preserve valuable evidence related to the attack and identify the perpetrators. BEC scammers often launder their stolen cash through the money mules and the blockchain: our crypto investigators follow the money and counter-engage the scammers to identify and locate their whereabouts. We work directly with banks, crypto exchanges and foreign law enforcement and bypass the bureaucratic bottlenecks with local law enforcement reports.

Corporate Intelligence and Due Diligence Risk Assesments

We have extensive global reach and access to thousands of closed-source inteligence partners. Our intelligence reports are vastly superior to common open source reports. We can find stealthy yet detailed backgroud histories of your prospective partners to help identify potential security threats to your assets, and operations, such as political and financial exposed persons. Regardless of the country, or social status of the subject, we can tailor reports to your specific needs.

Litigation & Prosecution Support

We assist lawyers and prosecutors worldwide with digital forensic analysis & investigations,  ghost-writing subpoenas & electronic discovery requests, as well as providing expert witness testimonies. Attorneys are offered a free initial consultation for internet defamation, cyber harassment, fraud and scams, and other web related cases.

Global, Fully Licensed Investigators & Credited in the Media since 2008.

Operating since 2008, we are a team of Cyber Investigators from every contintent, focusing on cyber harassment, defamation, crypto and cash tracing and recovery. We work closely with law enforcement in many regions of the world and use custom-built tools to identify and locate offenders hiding behind anonymous online accounts and websites.

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What Our Clients Say

“I have worked with Rexxfield on multiple occasions regarding a variety of cyber-investigative matters. Rexxfield has always proved to be extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, innovative, quick-acting, and results-driven. I continue to turn to Rexxfield first for my cyber-investigative needs, and I have referred Rexxfield to many others.”

Attorney Jeffrey Rosenfeld

I searched through several private investigators before deciding on Rexxfield, as I have learned that very few PIs can actually do this type of investigation. Considering all Rexxfield provides, their prices are extremely reasonable and they genuinely care about your case. Along with their ability to obtain conclusive evidence, Michael, owner of Rexxfield, is an excellent testifier and has top-notch credentials. My attorney was pleased.”
(aka Jenny in Laura Whitmore Cyber Stalking Documentary)

Susan Stranger

Within only a couple of days, Rexxfield discovered the identity of the cowardly ‘anonymous’ owner of a website, which he created to discredit and defame me. I was then able to file a lawsuit against him. I am so grateful. This could not have been accomplished without Rexxfield’s expert work! This company is nothing short of miraculous. Strongly recommend!”

Stephanie Kienzle

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