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Cyber Investigators

& Legal Support

Our experienced investigative team can find the information you need to convince your antagonists to end their attack. If they persist we can help your lawyer and legal team build the best case possible for court. 

We can save you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and drastically reduce court case duration, by finding information faster. Our forensic evidence often prompts out-of-court settlements by the unmasked defendants.

Cyber Crimes Investigator

Find and Identify Your Cyber Attackers

Free Investigative Support for Law Enforcement

If your  criminal investigation is foundering due to problems trying to access evidence that should be accessible by way of Internet, or third-party witnesses such as Internet service providers, then we are happy to help for free. Michael has helped solve crimes in numerous jurisdictions around the world, and his assistance comes with no strings attached, as long as time is available.

Case Study: How Rexxfield’s Michael Roberts Sets Digital Traps to Catch Murder Fugitive from 8998 miles away.

Identifying anonymous antagonists

Identifying Fake Review Authors and Cyber Stalkers
FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat etc.

Identifying Other Anonymous Users:
-Text Message & Phone Calls
-Email addresses
-PO Boxes (physical)
-Hushmail & ProtonMail
-Defeating Proxy IP Servers

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Cryptocurrency Investigations & Asset Recovery

Our crypto investigators specialize in blockchain forensics and tracking Bitcoin transactions, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. We employ a mix of on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative techniques through professional blockchain forensics tools like Chainalysis. Chainalysis is an investigation software that links real-world entities to cryptocurrency activity, which enables our investigators to find out who controls the funds.

We help cryptocurrency scam victims by investigating the technical and non-technical clues, to trace where the funds went and identify the responsible parties. This strategy provides numerous options to recover the assets: to follow the funds or to find and sue the person responsible or have them prosecuted. 

Deleting defamation from Google search

Our team gets defamation removed from Google search results. Due to law changes, defamation victim’s from common law countries can hold Google liable for removing defamatory search results from it’s search engine. Without going to court.

Litigation Support Services

Sometimes court action is necessary. Our team’s involvement can reduce case pendency by many months, and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Subpoena Preparation and Lawsuit draft reviews.

Cyber Investigators

Online scam recovery
Online extortion
Cyber bullying
Trademark Breaches and Product Piracy
Investigative support services for Police & Prosecutors

Featured in the Media

Cyber Crimes Investigator – Michael Roberts

Michael is a Licensed Private Investigator and believed to be the world’s first professional Internet troll hunter, Michael Roberts had better reason than most to dedicate his professional life to catching cyber predators – he was once a victim! Previously coordinating white-hat security education for the US Air Force, NATO, the UN to name a few, Michael now uses his skills for private and law enforcement clients. He’s helped all manner of people from school children to celebrities and CEOs. His record time n identifying a troll was 17 minutes in a case where an Attorney General in the US had already spent $100,000 of tax-payers money and five internal attorneys in futile attempts to identify a rogue Tweeter. Michael is also responsible for numerous investigative journalistic scoops, and was described by one journalist recently as: “… an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter.”

“The police did not know what to do about my stalker. For 7-months I had no help, or hope of a rescue. Michael from Rexxfield ID’d the stalker within 2 days. He wrote a report and step by step instructions for the police to follow for prosecution. I now have a restraining order.”

Within only a couple of days, Rexxfield discovered the identity of the cowardly “anonymous” owner of a website, which he created to discredit and defame me. I was then able to file a lawsuit against him.

Not only has Rexxfield helped repair the damage done to our reputation by unjust and spiteful individuals and competitors, but they have also been able to positively identify these anonymous and malicious critics.

Michael is reliable, trustworthy, and delivers what he promises. I’m very glad to have Michael on my side

…I was losing hope that I could establish that this person was a romance scammer, 5 minutes on an email with Mike and he had the answer and proof that he was a scammer. I was ready to give up… after contacting Mike and his very gracious help, I would tell anyone if any doubt at all contact Mike.

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