Intelligence Reports

Rexxfield provides Intelligence Reports with Deep Dive Due Diligence investigations of individuals or corporations to assess potential or actual financial, political, reputational or legal exposure.

Our work product goes much deeper than the traditional “background checks” that you might order from a regular Private Investigator, and it will help you better assess your potential risk exposure before you proceed with the relationship or deal with the subject. All information is lawfully obtained.

    deep dive due diligence intelligence reports

    Rexxfield’s competitive advantage in Intelligence Reports

    Rexxfield can find more information than our competitors, including information that law enforcement may not be able to access easily because of due process policies and restrictions.

    Always Legally Compliant: Rexxfield leverages our full suite of investigative tools and teams to access intelligence that others can not.

    Rexxfield’s Deep Dive Due Diligence service deeply investigates the subject using various techniques, tools and Rexxfield’s intelligence partners.

    These include intelligence services, forensic accounting and where required covert surveillance, allowing an accurate picture of the “on the ground” situation. We produce a detailed report to enable you to make safer and informed decisions.

    Deep Dive Due Diligence Intelligence services vary case by case, but solutions may include:

    • Open source intelligence (OSINT)
    • Data leaks and breaches to which the subject has fallen victim
    • Closed Source Intelligence (CSINT – not always available due to legal restrictions)
    • Blockchain exposure to scams, compromised or sanctioned entities
    • Sanction exposure
    • Political exposure
    • Financial activity (on and offshore)
    • Exposure to high risk associates
    • Physical movements over certain time periods
    • Clear and dark web exposure.

    Choose the Level of Deep Dive Due Diligence You Need


    • Search for clear web exposure online
    • Reverse image lookup
    • Dataleak search
    • Social media mapping
    • Criminal record checks
    • Current and historic aliases
    • Checked against Child/Adult barred lists
    • Checked against sanction lists
    • Check if CSINT risk intelligence data is available


    • Bronze package PLUS:

    • Dark web search
    • CSINT risk intelligence data is recovered
    • Substance abuse programme checks
    • Financial status
    • Bank accounts and institutions
    • Blockchain exposure and risk (requires target’s wallet address)


    • Silver package PLUS:

    • Political affiliation checks
    • Full online and social media analysis
    • Complete financial history
    • Bribery, corruption or fraud checks
    • Anonymous social engineering to cross-reference intelligence (as in rule in / rule out investigations) 
    • Involvement in money laundering activities
    • Travel behavior (limited time window to preserve evidence)
    • Reveal concealed offshore accounts
    • Reveal addresses used by the subject
    • Corporate entities controlled by the subject
    • Extensive intelligence risk analysis report

    Applications of Deep Dive Due Diligence

    Advanced KYC

    Rexxfield’s investigative resources mean that we can deliver KYC far beyond traditional compliance-based risk mitigation models. This service is highly sought after for hiring of crews for super yachts, assistants for celebrities, C-level personnel, and potential investors or prior to entering into financial partnerships. 

    Pre-investment check

    Whether you are looking to make an investment or welcoming investors, Rexxfield can investigate the individuals to determine if their ‘story’ lines up with the digital evidence, reveal past financial success and failures, and whether an investment has high risk of being fraudulent or a scam. 

    Reputation risk of hiring a C-level or Board member

    Facial recognition is one technique used to hunt down online presence, social risk exposure, evidence of extreme ideology and associations.

    Rule in / Rule out 

    We can rule in or rule out suspects based on digital evidence we uncover online. Rule out suspects from ‘inside jobs’, harassment, defamation, crypto crime and more


    Determine if there is any connection between seemingly unconnected individuals (politically, financially, socially)

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