Customer Reviews

“The police did not know what to do about my stalker. For 7-months I had no help, or hope of a rescue. Michael from Rexxfield ID’d the stalker within 2 days. He wrote a report and step by step instructions for the police to follow for prosecution. I now have a restraining order.”

“I hired Rexxfield after receiving hundreds of harassing and cruel anonymous text messages for 18 months. The police were unable to help me; I felt afraid and desperate for help. Rexxfield identified who my harasser/cyber-stalker was: it was my husband. Along with Rexxfield’s investigation evidence, they assisted me with gathering additional legal evidence pertaining to their investigation, during my 18-month long divorce litigation, to create an even stronger case. During my litigation I fought for primary custody of my children, and was granted primary custody, of which Rexxfield’s evidence of my husband being the anonymous texter was a huge factor in the judge’s custody decision.

I searched through several private investigators before deciding on Rexxfield, as I have learned that very few PIs can actually do this type of investigation. Considering all Rexxfield provides, their prices are extremely reasonable and they genuinely care about your case. Along with their ability to obtain conclusive evidence, Michael, owner of Rexxfield, is an excellent testifier and has top-notch credentials. My attorney was pleased.

I don’t know what my children and I would have done without Rexxfield’s help.”

“Rexxfield is the most qualified company for any business or individual in need for reputation management services, search engine optimization or forensic investigation services. The people in Rexxfield’s team are not just the best, in terms of talent, but they also genuinely care about their clients. Most people (and businesses) who’ve been defamed, harassed and/or stalked online, or are a victim of online identity theft, feel victimized and alone. The professionals at Rexxfield provide victims with a sense of empowerment. They are available 24-hours a day. There is NO other firm that I’d recommend or use myself for SEO or reputation management, other than Rexxfield.”

Within only a couple of days, Rexxfield discovered the identity of the cowardly “anonymous” owner of a website, which he created to discredit and defame me. I was then able to file a lawsuit against him.

Not only has Rexxfield helped repair the damage done to our reputation by unjust and spiteful individuals and competitors, but they have also been able to positively identify these anonymous and malicious critics.

“Rexxfield is there for you in your time of need. You are much more than just a “client” to Rexxfield, they take a personal interest in your story and work with you to resolve the problem. I have tried other “reputation management” companies and was not impressed. It seemed as if they were only out to take my money and could really care less if my reputation management problem was solved or not. I would highly recommend Rexxfield to anyone who has a reputation management problem.”

Michael is reliable, trustworthy, and delivers what he promises. I’m very glad to have Michael on my side

“I asked for help from Rexxfield after local law enforcement and prosecutors refused to investigate the social media used by an individual who had been threatening my family and me .  Rexxfield completed their investigation swiftly and discreetly.  They maintained regular contact with us and were always available and interested in helping us.  Frankly, they gave a damn, and my wife and I needed that.  Rexfield’s findings made me realize that we were in more danger of firearms violence from this individual than I had even imagined.  The information they compiled is now an important part of the criminal and civil suits soon to take place.  I will always be grateful for the assistance Rexxfiled provided.  I highly recommend Rexxfield.”

“Service is impeccable and swift, my issue was resolved very quickly and there is a feeling of caring in dealing with you, could not recommend them enough, thank you.”