Subpoena preparation

At Rexxfield, we specialize in litigation support, cyber investigations, digital forensics, and electronic discovery consultation. We are proud to say that we have a success track record of 85% in positively identifying anonymous bad actors on the internet. Numerous attorney references are available upon request to verify the efficacy of our work and results.

Subpoenas & Electronic Discovery Requests

In legal proceedings involving Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Phone Carriers, Email Providers, and other entities, judges often approach the issuance of production orders cautiously to avoid potential conflicts with First Amendment rights. At Rexxfield, we understand these concerns and specialize in preparing subpoena addendums that address them comprehensively. Our decades of experience have allowed us to develop a practice that minimizes ambiguities, deficiencies, and resistance from both defendants and the ISPs being served with document production requests. By employing precise technical language and leaving no room for misinterpretation, we ensure the effective acquisition of crucial information without unnecessary delays or loss of evidence.

Crafting Subpoena Addendums with Precision:

Our team at Rexxfield excels in drafting subpoena addendums that articulate a clear and concise description of the requested records, accompanied by a compelling justification. We take into account the concerns of cautious judges, addressing First Amendment considerations while emphasizing the necessity of the requested information. By meticulously preparing the language, we enhance the likelihood of satisfying even the most hesitant judges, reducing the need for protracted legal battles or unsuccessful attempts to obtain crucial records.

Avoiding Ambiguities and Deficiencies:

Understanding the potential consequences of errors in subpoena preparation, we leave no stone unturned in our approach. Our expertise lies in avoiding ambiguities and deficiencies that could result in the withholding of crucial information by ISPs or other providers. By employing precise and comprehensive language, we minimize the risk of recasting documents and losing important evidence, ensuring a strong foundation for your legal case.

Interpreting and Assessing Evidence:

At Rexxfield, we not only excel in preparing effective subpoenas but also possess the expertise to assess and interpret the evidence obtained through production requests, interrogatory responses, and deposition transcripts. Our team meticulously analyzes these materials, providing valuable insights that support strategic decision-making. We assist with identifying key details, uncovering patterns, and formulating compelling arguments based on the evidence at hand. Additionally, we offer support in preparing depositions and formulating interrogatory questions, ensuring comprehensive and focused legal preparation.