Business Email Compromise (BEC) Investigations

Have you uncovered a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack in your company and are now looking for effective remediation? Our Business Email Compromise Investigations cover all types of attacks: email fraud, impersonation, spear phishing emails, malware, and more.

With our skilled BEC investigators, and strong connections with local law enforcement globally, particularly with agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Nigerian EFCC, you have the best chance of recovering your losses.

Business email compromise investigations

How Our BEC Investigators Can Help

Drawing on our expertise in digital forensics and online investigations, our investigators offer a comprehensive range of services to guide individuals and organizations through the entire BEC investigation process. From the initial analysis and evidence collection to identifying scammers and launching recovery efforts, we bring our unique skills to the table. Here’s how Rexxfield can help with Business Email Compromise Investigations:

Gathering Evidence

Our team of digital forensics investigators specializes in collecting and preserving crucial digital evidence essential for law enforcement or legal proceedings. This evidence encompasses a wide range, including email trails, permissions, forwarding details, IMAP settings, financial records, and communication logs.

Analysis of Email Communications

In the context of Business Email Compromise (BEC) incidents, our investigators thoroughly analyze email communications. This involves tracing the origin of suspicious emails, identifying patterns, and detecting any forged or spoofed email addresses. We meticulously track the digital footprints of cybercriminals involved in BEC scams, unraveling details such as IP addresses, domain registrations, and other online traces to pinpoint the culprits.

Identifying BEC Attackers

Our team, equipped with social engineering expertise, can uncover the individuals or groups behind BEC scams. Employing techniques such as tracing money flows, undercover social engineering tactics, and profiling cybercriminals, we delve into the intricacies of these attacks.

Bypassing VPNs and more

Perpetrators of malicious online activities often take extensive measures to conceal their tracks, relying on VPNs and proxies to mask their identities. However, leveraging our proprietary tools, we possess the capability to effectively bypass VPNs and other concealment methods.

Legal Support

We go beyond evidence collection by aiding in the preparation of comprehensive evidence packages and reports. These materials can be presented to law enforcement agencies or utilized in legal actions against BEC perpetrators. Should you choose to pursue legal action, our experts are ready to provide expert testimony in legal proceedings related to BEC cases. Trust us to support you through every step of the legal process.

Recover Your Losses

Depending on the BEC scam, recovery may be possible. We offer guidance on recovery strategies, exploring the potential for retrieving lost funds or assets through legal avenues. Due to Rexxfield’s extensive network and strong connections with local law enforcement globally, particularly with agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Nigerian EFCC, the potential for successful recovery is significantly enhanced.

Here’s What The FBI Says About Our Services**:

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[Name Redacted]

“We relied heavily on the Rexxfield report in writing up our justification for why we wanted to open this case as your products made it very clear that there was significant ongoing criminal conduct targeting a victim in [location redacted]. Also to Rexxfield’s credit, the complex frauds unit at [location redacted] was eager to open based in part on your work.”

** the FBI does not officially endorse Rexxfield or our products. Rexxfield is a source, not a law enforcement agent. This feedback is provided by an individual FBI field agent, and it does not necessarily represent the views or position of the FBI more broadly.

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