We have worked for the U.S. Marshals, Australian state police as well as individuals and commercial enterprises.

U.S. MARSHALS: Apprehension of Murder Fugitive in just 73 mins after a two-month manhunt.

Our team supported a joint task force of U.S. Marshals and the Maryland State Police Force in the 2-month manhunt for a fugitive, who had been on the run in association with the homicide of a 26-year-old man, on June 21, 2013.

State Police Service, Fraud and Corporate Crime Group (Computer Crime Investigation Unit)

The Australian state police service received a threat that included an attack against its online resources and the publishing of undercover officers’ personal information.

SUCCESS after Bitcoin Scam Victim Lost USD323,000.00

Freeze and Seize of BTC Wallets by Canadian & US Law Enforcement in Sophisticated Financial Scam.

The scammers used sophisticated, make-believe trading platform which was almost indistinguishable from legitimate trading platforms, except to expert forensics code analysts.

SCOOP: David Jones Dept. Store Stock Manipulation

“The brief was to help identify the individual linked to a multi-billion takeover bid for one of Australia’s largest department stores, which had been shrouded in mystery and skeptics, and had sent the local stockmarket into a frenzy. All I had was an internet address, linked to a so-called ‘business’. Within minutes…”

Attempted Murder & Internet Smear Campaign

Kay Wilson – Survived Attempted Murder Then Terrorized by Internet Smear Campaign

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Large Romance Scam Uncovered and Located

How we identified a large romance scam network through social engineering and our proprietary software and collaborated with the FBI to locate the scammers.

Wrongly Accused Released From Jail.

A man from North Carolina was taken into custody for allegedly sending electronic death threats to his estranged wife. The personal cost was the loss of his freedom through imprisonment, loss of child custody, assets, income and reputation.

Diplomat Espionage Threat Eradicated - Identity uncovered

A diplomat (BB4/BB3 officer) from a Commonwealth nation lost control of some intimate images. The risks of permitting the threat to persist involved the personal cost of loss of face, loss of employment and possibly compromising national security by means of extortion.

In 36 hours extortionist identified – removal of defaming material.

A US-based insurance adjuster discovered a site ( which was set up for the sole purpose of hijacking search engine results for his firm and prospective customers.

European Internet Smear Campaign Extortion Racket

Our team uncovered a massive organized crime racket that targeted wealthy European entrepreneurs. They threatened with internet smear campaigns if they did not submit to the criminals extortion demands.

Nigerian/Malaysian Affection Scam (€220,000) solved

Full case study report coming soon…

ProtonMail Blackmailer Exposed

Even though the blackmailer was careful and used proxy IP servers, we were able to identify the blackmailer’s identity by capturing his location and various digital artifacts through social engineering and utilizing our proprietary software.

Fox5 Founder Michael Roberts Catches Wedding Industry Stalker

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