Cryptocurrency Investigations and Asset Recovery

Rexxfield is a leader in conducting Cryptocurrency investigations. We can help when law enforcement is unable or unwilling to investigate your case, or when they are too slow. Rexxfield can solve your case and then persuade prosecutors to seize the stolen assets and arrest the perpetrators. Prosecutors need successful convictions on their personal resumes when they apply for jobs in private law firms, so when we hand them a likely conviction on a silver platter, they usually get excited and act.

Our team specializes in: 

  • cryptocurrency crime investigations,
  • crypto funds seizure and recovery,
  • identifying the criminals involved. 

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Despite the swift rise of new digital currencies, exchanges, and banking platforms, cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new phenomenon. Like traditional money, you can purchase goods and services with cryptocurrencies (also known as crypto assets), or trade them for profit. But these cryptocurrency markets are being targeted by criminals, stealing millions of dollars from cryptocurrency holdings every year through pump and dump scams, and other types of cryptocurrency scams. 

How we recover assets through Cryptocurrency Investigations

Rexxfield helps cryptocurrency scam victims by investigating the technical and non-technical clues, and trace where the funds went, and identify the responsible parties. This strategy provides the client with numerous options to recover the assets: 

  • Trace the digital funds;
  • Obtain emergency locking of wallets when criminals attempt to convert crypto to regular currency for withdrawal;
  • Liaise with your local law enforcement agencies (globally) who obtain arrest and asset seizure warrants;
  • Sue the person responsible or have them prosecuted. 

cryptocurrency investigations chainanalysis

Cryptocurrency Investigations through Chainanalysis

How we investigate Cryptocurrency Fraud

Analyze: we first carefully analyze your conversations to look for possible slip-ups or clues that could help us identify the bad actors.

Investigate: we search online and through databases to look for related offenses to collect evidence.

Social Engineering: We directly engage the scammers, pretending to be another victim, and in the process uncover their address, identity and usually everything needed for law enforcement to make an arrest.

Follow the money trail: we follow the money to the final beneficiary. When it comes to money transactions, there is always a trail, no matter how sophisticated the scam is. In many cases we can defeat the scammer’s laundering attempts, and successfully lock some or all of the wallets that are holding stolen or scammed crypto. Even if we cannot lock accounts, we can usually find the evidence needed for an arrest warrant for the perpetrators.

Track the perpetrator: we identify and track the perpetrator down. We then consult our clients on what action to take, depending on the best available strategy. 

Our crypto investigators specialize in blockchain forensics and tracking Bitcoin transactions, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies. We combine on-chain and off-chain analytics analysis with investigative techniques through professional blockchain forensics tools to help you recover your money by tracing the transaction.

Our strength in cryptocurrency tracing and the recovery of funds lies in our careful analysis of the blockchain, our extensive background in identifying bad actors through reversed social engineering, and our experience in presenting evidence to courts. We also have diverse skills in-house, comprised not only of crypto investigators but also of open-source specialist investigators, computer forensic experts, intelligence analysts, cyber security, and cyber forensic investigators.  

Why Cryptocurrency Scams are so effective

Lack of regulation

The cryptocurrency industry is not regulated by the government. Because of this, there are no general guidelines or best practices to follow, and nobody expects parties to be authorized or licensed to carry out activities.

Limited understanding of users

Cryptocurrency increases in popularity on a daily basis, as people start to discover and explore cryptocurrency. People who just start with cryptocurrency have limited understanding or awareness of digital assets to protect themselves, making them easy targets for bad actors.

Relative Anonymity

Unlike traditional bank accounts and checks, which are very hard to use anonymously, Bitcoin addresses don’t require to be registered in someone’s name, making it easier to get away with cryptocurrency fraud.