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When so much of our personal and professional lives are spent on the internet, online reputations matter.  Online defamation can spread fast, causing serious damage. Rexxfield is here to help. Our team combines expertise in cyber investigations and legal strategies to tackle online defamation effectively.

If you’re facing online defamation, Rexxfield is your ally. Contact us to start developing a robust strategy to safeguard and enhance your online reputation.

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    Online Defamation
    Investigation Services

    Track Your Defamer Down

    Identify Anonymous Internet Trolls

    We specialize in uncovering the identities of anonymous online trolls, employing advanced investigative techniques to bring hidden perpetrators to light.

    Fast Track Your Case

    Subpoena & Evidence Preparation

    Our team expertly prepares subpoenas and gathers critical evidence, ensuring a solid foundation for any legal proceedings related to online defamation.

    Cleanse Your Digital Footprint

    Removal of Defamatory Content

    We focus on the removal of defamatory content from the web, working with platforms and legal channels to clean up your online presence.

    Get the Evidence You Need

    Digital Forensic Investigation

    Our digital forensic investigations delve deep into the data, tracing the origins and pathways of defamatory content to support your case.

    Benefit From Decades of Experience

    Legal Support and Expert Witnesses

    We provide comprehensive legal support and assistance, guiding you and your legal team through the complexities of lawsuit and litigation processes in cyber defamation cases.

    Defend Your Name and Livelihood

    Online Reputation Management

    Our online reputation management services proactively safeguard and repair your digital reputation, ensuring a positive and accurate online image.

    Here’s What The FBI Says About Our Work**:

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    [Name Redacted]

    “We relied heavily on the Rexxfield report in writing up our justification for why we wanted to open this case as your products made it very clear that there was significant ongoing criminal conduct targeting a victim in [location redacted]. Also to Rexxfield’s credit, the complex frauds unit at [location redacted] was eager to open based in part on your work.”

    ** the FBI does not officially endorse Rexxfield or our products. Rexxfield is a source, not a law enforcement agent. This feedback is provided by an individual FBI field agent, and it does not necessarily represent the views or position of the FBI more broadly.

    What is Online Defamation?

    Online defamation is the act of harming someone’s reputation by spreading false and damaging statements on the internet. It can occur on various digital platforms, including social media, blogs, forums, and review sites. The consequences of online defamation are far-reaching – affecting personal lives, tarnishing professional reputations, and in severe cases, leading to legal ramifications.

    For a deeper understanding of how to protect yourself from, prevent, and seek justice for such an experience, click here to explore our comprehensive guide on online defamation.

    Unlike traditional defamation, the digital nature of online defamation allows such harmful content to spread rapidly and remain accessible indefinitely, making it more challenging to control and rectify. Rexxfield specializes in identifying, addressing, and mitigating the impact of these damaging online statements.

    Online Defamation Case Studies

    Case Study
    European Internet Smear Campaign Extortion Racket

    Throughout this seven-month digital and social forensics investigation a vast, organized crime racket was unraveled . The case, beginning with a single suspicious tweet, led to the exposure of criminal networks across East Germany and Russia, linked to extortion and internet smear campaigns against wealthy European entrepreneurs.

    Case Study
    Attempted Murder & Internet Smear Campaign

    In this compelling case study, Kay Wilson, an Israel tour guide and terror attack survivor, recounts her harrowing experience of being the target of a relentless internet smear campaign following her survival from an attempted murder. Rexxfield swiftly and empathetically intervened, taking just 11 hours to identify and bring the online perpetrator to justice, restoring peace to Kay’s life and exemplifying dedication to both justice and empathy in the face of digital terror.

    Case Study
    Defamer Identified and Defamatory Content Removed in 36 Hours

    Rexxfield’s team tackled a case where a US insurance adjuster’s firm was targeted by a website created to sabotage its online reputation. In just 36 hours, we identified the extortionist, who was on parole, and obtained crucial video evidence of the perpetrator’s actions. This led to the successful removal of all defamatory content.

    Who do we work with?


    From small enterprises to large corporations, we help businesses combat online defamation, repair their brand reputation, and get things back to the way they were before facing a smear campaign.

    Celebrities, Influencers, and Public Figures

    Recognizing the added requirements expected of public figures, we offer specialized services for celebrities and influencers to protect their online image against defamation and false allegation.

    Law Enforcement & Legal Professionals

    Partnering with law enforcement agencies and legal professionals, we provide expert digital forensic services and investigative support in complex online defamation cases.


    We assist private individuals who are facing personal attacks online, offering solutions to restore their digital reputation and peace of mind.

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