We can identify anonymous InvestorsHub user behind malicious naked short selling campaign against your company. 

Help me identify an anonymous InvestorsHub user

About InvestorsHub

anonymous investorshub user naked short-sellingInvestorsHub is a company owned by ADVFN with headquarters in the UK and trades as AFN on the London Stock Exchange. InvestorsHub, also known as iHub, is a stock message board with more than 729,898 users registered.

The platform is believed to be a great learning environment, especially for newcomers. The users majorly talk about penny stocks. Furthermore, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies are widely discussed.

There is some controversy around InvestorsHub. There are dozens of complaints from people who are blocked from the platform for posting opinions that bothered the admins. These people were blocked without any warning. But overall, the platform is generally considered to be a legit and helpful platform.

Naked short selling campaigns on InvestorsHub

However, the platform is also used for malicious naked short selling campaigns against companies. To be clear: InvestorsHub itself is not [to our knowledge] involved in any malicious campaigns or scams, but some malicious individuals take advantage of the platform by using it for naked short selling campaigns. 

Naked shorting is the illegal practice of short selling shares that are not affirmatively determined to exist. Customarily, traders must borrow a stock or decide that it can be borrowed before selling it short. Because of loopholes in the rules and discrepancies between paper and electronic trading systems, naked shorting continues to happen.

Identify Anonymous InvestorsHub user

Unfortunately, some anonymous InvestorsHub users use the platform for malicious naked short-selling campaigns. iHub defamation is a serious problem, but we can help.

Our licensed cybercrime investigators can identify anonymous InvestorsHub users behind malicious naked short selling campaign against your company.

Help me identify anonymous InvestorsHub user