Help for Internet Defamation Victims

Rexxfield Cyber Investigation Services specializes in tracking down and positively identifying anonymous authors of Internet defamation, harassment, and cyberbullying.

Rexxfield is the world’s first provider of specialty services in support of Internet defamation lawsuits that are often hampered by the respective attorney’s inability to positively identify anonymous antagonists, hiding behind a cloak of anonymity.
Rexxfield founder and CEO Michael Roberts said “it is crucial that anonymous defamers be positively identified early in the case, there are a myriad of problems that arise if a case stalls on this issue. Significantly, important evidence can perish such as IP address log files, and other digital artifacts which often cannot be recovered until the identity of the anonymous user is established”.

Victims of Internet defamation do not always seek litigation as a remedy. Our team has also developed propriety tools and methods that allow the victim to fight a psychological PR defense against the antagonists. Victims should be careful if the allegations raised are not true, sometimes objective readers might think worse of the victim if he or she shouts too loudly in denial.

Michael Roberts made it clear that “we don’t do spin, in other words, if people who are being demeaned online as a result of their foolish decisions, or wrongdoing, we’re not interested in helping those cases” but he added,

“However, if someone has done wrong and wants to make things right, we certainly know how to give them a voice so that they can communicate their change of heart”.

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