Yesterday Rexxfield Cyber Investigation Services’ CEO Michael Roberts announced that after carefully crafting governance and best practice policies, Rexxfield’s cyber investigation support services as provided to Law Enforcement agencies globally, are now available to the general public.
This decision is in response to the growing backlog of cold-case cyber crimes that are, for the most part, ignored by law enforcement agencies and prosecutors due to the sheer volume of crimes and shortage of qualified digital forensic experts within many jurisdictions.
Roberts, a licensed private investigator said “we are making this cautious entry into this area and, with few exceptions, limiting our civil services to cases involving defamation, harassment, extortion and child exploitation”. Roberts added that these services are “with a view to help victims value add their cases by gathering and preserving crucial evidence and liaising with the appropriate law enforcement agency to balance economically prudent justice with the victim’s pain which, is difficult to understand unless personally experienced”.
Roberts said that in the last two months there have been several arrests and seizure of computing devices as a result of Rexxfield’s assistance, usually for poorly funded and small enforcement agencies.