Case Study – how we exposed the identity of a ProtonMail blackmailer

The Brief:

For months, our client received extorting messages from fake email addresses and spoofed phone numbers. The Protonmail blackmailer antagonist also contacted her husband and family members with provocative pictures of her and threatened to expose more compromising information if she did not heed his demands. 

The client had a strong suspicion of the blackmailer’s identity but needed proof. 


Our primary objective was to identify the blackmailer and provide proof of the owner of the fake email addresses. 


Even though the blackmailer was careful and used proxy IP servers, we were able to identify the blackmailer’s identity by capturing his location and various digital artifacts through social engineering and utilizing our proprietary software.

We were also able to match these details with the suspect, confirming our client’s suspicions that the suspect was the blackmailer.