Protonmail Used For Good.

Protonmail is an excellent tool for legitimate users who, by virtue of their activities, needs to keep themselves anonymous. This includes:

  1. Activists
  2. Political reformers
  3. Human rights advocates inside despotic jurisdictions
  4. Whistleblowers and many more

Protonmail Used For Bad.

However, rumours of Protonmail user’s anonymity has been greatly exaggerated, and Rexxfield has developed solutions that can defeat the identity obfuscation efforts of bad actors, stalkers, harasses and extortionists, who use Protonmail for malicious purposes.

Are you being tormented by a Protonmail User?

If so, Rexxfield can help you identify your antagonist and bring him or her to justice. We have invested millions in developing sophisticated solutions to identify malicious, anonymous internet users.

Trace Protonmail User Request

Contact of case intake teams to request a review and quote for your case. We will respond promptly with instructions, and explain what you can expect.