Understanding a smear campaign by narcissist

Having personally endured a smear campaign by narcissist, our founder faced the devastating consequences it brought upon his business, leaving staff unemployed and vendors unpaid. However, through resilience and a combination of his expertise in information technology security, forensics, and battle against the malicious attacks on my character, he transformed this adversity into an opportunity which led to the creation of “Rexxfield”.

A malicious online smear campaign is a coordinated effort aimed at tarnishing the reputation of an individual, business, or organization. It involves the dissemination of false information, misleading narratives, and defamatory content with the intent to damage the target’s credibility, trustworthiness, or public image. The perpetrators of such campaigns often remain anonymous or use deceptive tactics to conceal their identity, making it challenging to identify the bad actor behind smear campaigns.


lf you are under defamation attack by someone who deceived and defrauded you, that person could be a sociopath. Sociopaths have empathy, no conscience and no remorse. They will lie, cheat and steal from you and then turn around and tell everyone that it is all your fault.

Identify the Bad Actor:

While uncovering the identity of the bad actor behind a malicious online smear campaign by narcissist can be challenging, our cyber investigators specialize in identifying individuals responsible for sending defamatory messages by phone, email, social media, or via other internet means. We possess the necessary expertise and tools to conduct thorough investigations, trace digital footprints, and identify the bad actor behind the malicious campaign.

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Consider seeking assistance from cyber investigators before approaching a lawyer when dealing with an unidentified bad actor. Engaging lawyers right away may alert the wrongdoers to your intentions, as subpoenas in a civil case must be delivered to the anonymous individual before any response can be obtained. However, by turning to Rexxfield, you can unveil the bad actor without their awareness of the investigation. Rexxfield operates within legal boundaries, providing visible and impactful outcomes, while maintaining the element of surprise and preserving the integrity of the process.

Legal Measures and Law Enforcement

If smear campaigns by narcissists involves severe defamation or poses a significant threat, seeking legal remedies may be necessary. Consult with an attorney experienced in online defamation and cyber laws to understand the legal options available to you. They can guide you through the process of gathering evidence, issuing takedown notices, or initiating legal action against the responsible party. In extreme cases, involving law enforcement agencies may be warranted to investigate and apprehend the bad actor.

Identify Narcissist Behind Smear Campaign

smear campaignThe following strategies can help in the identification process:

Gathering digital evidence is crucial in identifying the source of the smear campaign. Scrutinize the content, such as defamatory posts, negative reviews, or false allegations, for any patterns, language clues, or inconsistencies that may provide hints about the person or group behind it. Analyze metadata, timestamps, and IP addresses associated with the content to identify potential connections or anomalies.

  • Examine Social Media Accounts and Online Profiles:

Investigate the social media accounts and online profiles involved in spreading the defamatory content. Look for suspicious behavior, such as recently created accounts with limited activity, a history of aggressive or trolling behavior, or a pattern of targeting specific individuals or organizations. Cross-reference the usernames, profile pictures, and shared content to identify any links or similarities that could lead to the bad actor.

  • Monitor Online Communities and Discussions:

Active monitoring of online communities, forums, or discussion platforms where the smear campaign is unfolding can provide valuable insights. Look for individuals who consistently engage in negative discussions, promote false information, or encourage others to participate in the smear campaign. Observe their behavior, language patterns, and network connections to uncover potential affiliations or motives.

  • Seek Assistance from Professionals:

In complex cases, it may be necessary to enlist the help of professionals, such as reputation management experts, digital investigators, or cybersecurity specialists. These professionals possess the necessary expertise and tools to conduct thorough investigations, trace digital footprints, and identify the bad actor behind the smear campaign.

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How to deal with a smear campaign by narcissist

Navigating smear campaigns by narcissists, or worse, sociopaths, requires a strategic approach. It is crucial not to engage in retaliation or fight fire with fire. Responding in kind only fuels the antagonist’s determination, especially if they have narcissistic or anti-social personality disorders, as was the case with the individual who relentlessly sought to dismantle my once ordinary and uneventful life. By refraining from counterattacks, you deny the narcissist the satisfaction they derive from your distress. These individuals thrive on the outward manifestation of your suffering.

Similar to how a cat loses interest in a motionless mouse, a sociopath grows bored when they fail to elicit painful reactions from their victim. Although it may be tempting to retaliate, the most effective course of action with this type of person is to humble your pride and strategically disengage. Yes, that’s right—withdraw! However, disengaging does not mean giving up, as your reputation will not improve through inaction. Instead, it requires careful and discreet remedial actions taken “under the radar.” By doing so, you deny the sociopath their desired reward while actively working to address the damage inflicted upon your reputation.

It is essential to adopt a proactive stance and implement the following strategies:

  1. Seek Support: Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, or professionals who can provide emotional support and guidance throughout the ordeal. Their understanding and perspective will bolster your resilience.
  2. Document and Preserve Evidence: Collect and preserve any evidence related to the smear campaign, including emails, messages, or other forms of communication. This documentation may prove useful should legal action be necessary in the future.
  3. Consult Legal Advice: Engage with an attorney experienced in defamation and privacy laws to understand your rights, options, and the best course of action. They can guide you through the legal aspects and help formulate a comprehensive strategy.
  4. Strengthen Your Online Presence: Focus on building and maintaining a strong, positive online presence. Create and curate content that showcases your expertise, accomplishments, and values. This helps counterbalance any false information circulating about you.
  5. Engage Trusted Contacts: Reach out to individuals within your personal and professional circles who understand the situation and are willing to vouch for your character. Their testimonials and support can reinforce your credibility.
  6. Monitor and Respond Strategically: Stay vigilant in monitoring online platforms and social media where the smear campaign is unfolding. Respond strategically, addressing false claims or allegations with measured and factual responses, if appropriate. However, avoid engaging directly with the perpetrator or getting entangled in their manipulative tactics.
  7. Seek Professional Reputation Management Assistance: Consider working with reputation management professionals who specialize in handling online defamation cases. They possess the expertise and resources to monitor, mitigate, and repair damage to your reputation effectively.

Remember, while disengaging from the narcissist’s games is crucial, it is equally important to take proactive steps to protect and rebuild your reputation. By denying the sociopath their reward and diligently working to address the situation, you can regain control and diminish the impact of their smear campaign.

Libel and Free Speech

In legal terms, libel refers to the written communication of false or misleading statements presented as factual, with the potential to damage the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation. Various jurisdictions provide legal avenues, both civil and criminal, to combat different forms of defamation and address unfounded criticism. Additionally, the public disclosure of private facts involves the unauthorized release of non-public information that would be offensive to a reasonable person. Unlike libel or slander, truth does not serve as a defense for invasion of privacy.

Contrary to common belief, slander and libel, which encompass defamation, are not protected forms of free speech under the US First Amendment. It is important to recognize this distinction and understand the boundaries when it comes to exercising free speech rights. But Defamation laws protect people whose careers, reputations, finances and/or health are damaged by untrue, defaming statements.

See the US States with Criminal Defamation Penalties here.

The Impact of a Smear Campaign on Reputation

Impeding Professional Advancement:

For professionals and job seekers, online defamation can hinder career growth and advancement. Employers, clients, and colleagues often conduct online research to assess an individual’s reputation and suitability for employment or collaboration. Negative online content, whether true or false, can create doubt and reluctance to engage with someone whose reputation is tarnished. This can result in missed opportunities and hindered professional development.

Economic and Financial Consequences:

A smear campaign can have significant economic and financial implications. For businesses, negative reviews, false allegations, or malicious campaigns can damage sales, deter potential customers, and harm the bottom line. The impact can be particularly severe for small businesses or startups that heavily rely on their online reputation to establish credibility and attract clients. Additionally, the costs associated with reputation repair, legal action, or hiring professional assistance can place a considerable financial burden on individuals and organizations.

Emotional and Psychological Distress:

Being subjected to smear campaigns by narcissists can have a profound emotional and psychological impact on individuals. False accusations, character assassination, or targeted harassment can cause distress, anxiety, and depression. The constant fear of reputational damage, coupled with the relentless nature of online content, can lead to a decline in mental well-being and overall quality of life.

Social Stigma and Isolation:

A smear campaign can subject individuals to social stigma and isolation. When false information or negative narratives circulate widely, friends, family, and acquaintances may distance themselves, believing the defamatory content to be true. This isolation can further exacerbate the emotional toll and hinder the process of reputation recovery.

Legal and Reputational Risks:

Online defamation poses legal risks for both victims and perpetrators. Defamation laws vary across jurisdictions, but victims may pursue legal action to seek redress, secure retractions or apologies, and claim damages for harm caused to their reputation. However, engaging in legal battles can be time-consuming, expensive, and may draw even more attention to the damaging content, exacerbating the reputational impact.


A malicious online smear campaign can cause substantial damage to an individual’s or organization’s reputation. By understanding the nature of such campaigns and employing the strategies outlined in this article, one can enhance their ability to identify the bad actor behind the malicious campaign. It is essential to remain vigilant, gather evidence, seek professional assistance when needed, and explore legal avenues to protect one’s reputation and hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions. Remember, uncovering the truth and regaining control over your online reputation is a step toward reclaiming your credibility and maintaining a positive digital presence.

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