Rexxfield is Being Impersonated by Recovery Scammers

Several groups of scammers are impersonating Rexxfield Investigators.

WARNING: Rexxfield will NEVER initiate contact with victims of cybercrime, we will only respond to your contact request.

The scammers are part of large, organized scam syndicates that are contacting their past crypto scam victims, pretending to be Rexxfield, and offering to help victims recover their previous losses. This is a classic “Recovery Scam”. Contact us through our dedicated impersonation report form if you suspect that you have been targeted by a scammer.

Rexxfield has no affiliation with:

Scammer: Henry Cappa Burke

Scammer: Atty Max Garcia

Scammer Phone: +44 7495 089888

Scammer Phone: +44 7459 720255