World’s First Private Cybercrime Investigators

In 2008, Rexxfield’s founding Cybercrime Investigator was touted by journalists as “The World’s First Internet Bounty Hunter.” Since then, Rexxfield has investigated and solved many online crimes including cryptocurrency crimes, online stalking and harrassment, malicious reviews and corporate extortion and espionage, even a murder manhunt for the US Marshalls.

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Online Scam Investigation & Recovery Service

Cybercrime investigation demand spiked during 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID lockdowns globally. In that time, criminals were locked behind their computers, for months on end, and cybercrime spiked drastically. This was compounded by police cybercrime units being deployed to manage the global lockdown measures, and case resolution statistics plummeted.

1/10,000 vs. 8/10 Case Resolution

Several studies in 2019 rebvealed that less than one in ten thousand cybercrime investigations in western nations resulted in a prosecution of an offender. These statistyics plumetted further during COVID. Whereas, Rexxfield’s sucessful case resolution statistics stand at about 80%.

Our criminal cybercrime investigations include active engagement with the criminals, using pretext communications, in order to capture their location and link them to the cybercrime activities.

Our investigators then prepare sworn affidavits, explaining the findings, and deliver the file to highly capable agents in the appropriate law enforcemnt agency.

Prosecution and Recovery Improvement

Rexxfield cybercrime investigators often complete the investigation and case file before police have even responded to the victim report. This in turn can lead to swift justice, because much of the police work has already been done. Police investigators and prosecutors need only verify Rexxfield’s work, and they can then issue indictments and warrants for arrest and recovery of scammed assets; if all goes well.

This 2022 $323,000 Cryptocurrency scam recovery is a text book example.