Case Study: Identify Twitter User behind Twitter Harassment 

Our client – let’s call her Jane – faced Twitter harassment by an anonymous online antagonist. The antagonist additionally harassed Jane’s friends and client’s by letters and left slandering messages about Jane. Because there were no emergency circumstances such as threats of harm, Twitter denied the user data request from the police. 
Jane suspected her ex-boyfriend but needed proof to take him to court. 
Using our proprietary cyber crime-fighting tool, we spent about 10 minutes planning and executing a pretext-based private communication with the suspect twitter account. Using “social engineering”, during a brief private discussion, we persuaded the stalker to take certain actions, which allowed us to track his location, and fingerprint the devices he was using.

  • Within1.5 days, we identified the IP address of the Twitter User.
  • We identified the location of the IP address.

Three weeks later, the Internet Service Provider provided the requested discovery to the police after all. Their provided data of the account matched our findings three weeks earlier.  

Help me identify Twitter user

To identify Twitter user, our cyber crimes investigators can positively identify the IP address of the twitter harassment account. All our methods are legal, admissible in court, and very compelling. Once identified, you have leverage that may cause the Twitter user to delete the harassment material out of fear of criminal or civil court action. If the user persists, our work and evidence collected help you seek injunctive relief through litigation or criminal charges. 


Twitter harassment policy

Twitter harassment policy explainedTwitter prohibits targeted Twitter harassment and abusive language. The social platform reviews and takes action against accounts targeting an individual or a group with any of the following behavior:

  • wishing serious harm on someone
  • unwanted sexual advances
  • aggressive insults with the purpose of harassing others
  • encouraging others to harass someone or a group

How to report harassment on Twitter

If you receive abusive tweets, you can report these tweets and/or account to Twitter. They will review your report and investigate the reported account and / or tweets. If the investigative team needs additional information, they will get in touch. You are notified when the appropriate action is taken. Depending on the severity of the abuse, Twitter may decide to suspend the account.