We are often asked how to trace a phone number. Fake phone numbers. Spoofed phone numbers. Unfortunately, the use of fake phone numbers for harassment is an increasing occurrence with today’s fast development of technology. With easy access to online services that allow individuals to spoof their phone numbers, harassers can now engage in malicious activities without fear of accountability due to their anonymity. 

There are two ways people engage in malicious behaviour through fake phone numbers. Sometimes they use fake numbers to pose as someone else and engage in impersonation. They do this to cause confusion and harm someone’s reputation. Another way is to send anonymous threats, and intimidating and harassing text messages to cause serious distress to their victims. 

The Challenge in Tracing a Phone Number that is Fake

One of the challenges in tracing a phone number is because of the technical aspect. The biggest challenge is the use of virtual private networks (VPNs), where senders hide their real location and IP address. The second challenge is the difference in legal jurisdictions in how to treat cybercrime and prosecute such cases. Legal action is available to identify and sue someone for damages or force someone to stop texting you. However, navigating the legal system to prosecute harassers using fake phone numbers is challenging.  

In essence, tracing a fake phone number often requires a multifaceted approach, involving technological solutions, and legal measures.

How to trace a phone number when it is a fake number

Cyber harassment often takes place through text messages from fake phone numbers, anonymous texting apps and burner phones. These phone numbers are used once or briefly and then disposed of, making it hard to trace a phone number. We receive messages from people on a daily basis, asking us how to trace a phone number. Tracing phone numbers is possible but requires some know-how. You can trace a person by phone number, and trace a location of a phone number.

We have invested many years in developing tools and social engineering methods to mislead the antagonists into revealing their identities. Our proprietary methods and evidence are admissible in court.  

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Can you track a phone number for free?

Many sites will give you methods to trace a phone number for free. However, things like checking your phone callers’ ID, referencing the phone’s area code, searching social media for a phone number, and using sites like Intelius, BeenVerified, and Instant Checkmate often won’t give you much useful information if you are harassed by fake phone numbers and phone numbers from anonymous texting apps. They won’t have a caller’s ID, the area code means nothing, and likely won’t be registered on any social media platforms, as the fake phone numbers are used briefly and then thrown away. However, you can trace a phone number back to a location or person, but it likely won’t be free. 

Ways to track a fake number 

First, make sure you are dealing with a fake number. You can confirm this by searching the reverse phone lookup for the number. If that comes back with no results, it may be a sign that it is spoofed. If it’s out of service when you try to call, you can be sure that it is a fake number. A simple Google search may also confirm that the phone number is reported as a scam. But if you are personally targeted for harassment by fake phone numbers, a Google search or other free and public tools likely won’t bring back any information. But let us explain how to trace a phone number.

Trace a location of a phone number

Trace a location of a phone numberTracing a location of a phone number can be done through getting an IP address. However, an IP address itself only gives you a generalized location, such as a city.  It also tells you who the Internet Service Provider is, the IP’s hostname, country, region and city, area code, and more. You can find most general data related to an IP address on sites like Infosniper and the NordVPN free IP checker.

If you have a suspect, we can trace information like the IP address and unchangeable device hardware from the suspect. We can build a case to prove to the police or in court that the suspect is the same individual as the anonymous user if we collect matching data. 

If you don’t have a suspect, or the suspect turns out to not be responsible, you can trace a phone number back to an individual through the IP address, by serving the Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a subpoena. YA lawyer or law enforcement can subpoena the ISP through a court order to retrieve customer information that is linked to an IP address, which helps you to identify the person by tracing his or her’s exact location. How you can acquire these records from ISPs depends on their policy and operating jurisdiction. Because you need a court order to subpoena the ISP, only a lawyer or law enforcement can do this for you. We know exactly what to ask for in a subpoena, and assist lawyers and law enforcement with subpoena ghostwriting and analysing results. 

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Our cyber investigators can help you with tracing phone numbers back to a location or a person. In most cases, we are able to find the evidence to lead a phone number back to an individual, and no court is needed. If we can’t get that evidence, we can use the evidence we obtained to help your lawyer or local police subpoena the ISP and obtain customer information and more. Because we have years of experience with subpoenas, we know exactly what to ask for and how to ask for it. We will prepare the subpoena for your lawyers and work with them to get the information you need from the ISP. Our evidence is admissible in court, and our investigators are licensed to testify in court. 

We will help you every step of the way until you find the relief you are looking for. 

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