The rise of cryptocurrency investments has caught the attention of crowds of investors and traders. Unfortunately, many of these investors are scammers and fraudsters. They prey on the anonymity and decentralized nature of assets. Have you lost your cryptocurrency to one of these scammers? This article will provide detailed information on the most effective strategies to recover scammed cryptocurrency.

You need to act quickly the moment you realise you have been scammed. To recover scammed cryptocurrency is a race against the clock: the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to catch the offenders who usually spread the stolen funds across different accounts, making it more difficult to recover the funds.

Gather evidence: Gather enough evidence to support your case. Make screenshots relating to the transactions and your communication with the scammer. Make a list of transaction information, so it’s easy for investigators to trace your stolen funds. This will make your case stronger when seeking assistance from authorities or legal professionals. 

Track down the scammers: Finding out where scammers are located helps to find the right jurisdiction to engage with local law enforcement. Our cyber investigators specialize in tracking scammers and can help you track down yours.

Find your stolen funds: A lot of information about transactions is on the blockchain. But we can find much more. Our highly trained investigators leverage advanced cryptocurrency tracing tools and global resources to map out money trails on the blockchain and identify the wallets that store your stolen crypto. We are a Chainalysis partner, which means we share intelligence for mutual benefit for them and our clients.

Local law enforcement support: After tracing the location of your scammers and locating your stolen cryptocurrency, we can engage the support of local law enforcement to freeze wallets and arrest the scammers. We have close connections with local law enforcement in Nigeria, Ghana, Asia, and almost everywhere else in the world. 

Stolen Crypto Recovery Assistance

Contact us if you have been affected by fraudulent cryptocurrency investments, hacks, or theft. Our team is available to track and recover stolen cryptocurrency and identify the individuals responsible. You can pursue legal recourse to reclaim your funds by gathering evidence of transactions, crypto exchange activity, and by identifying those involved.

Rexxfield investigators are highly experienced and globally respected for their proven ability to trace and recover stolen cryptocurrency.

Apart from past success stories, we currently, at the time of writing this, have an arrest pending for a heartless sextortionist in West Africa. He will be facing a minimum of 10 years very soon, bringing relief to the women he has been terrorizing. 

This case was solved within 2 days after we bypassed the victim’s local law enforcement in the United States, due to inaction. We went directly to an amazing detective, and a committed prosecutor in the country of the perpetrator.

Also, we recovered USD400K for a client who had lost USD170K in BTC, thanks to the increased value of Bitcoin since the time of the scam. Two scammers are in custody, awaiting trial and a manhunt for the third is ongoing. In this case, we worked together with the EFCC in Nigeria and the Utah Bureau of Investigation.


How our Investigators Recover Scammed Cryptocurrency

We use proprietary tracking tools, and advanced intelligence and blockchain tools to trace and monitor crypto. We are also a Chainalysis partner, which is a powerful software, highly regarded by international law enforcement agencies. It is capable of identifying the Virtual Asset Service Provider responsible for managing digital coins.

Rexxfield provides a unique capability to follow the paths of money to recover funds from cryptocurrency scams in any country. This is made possible by a worldwide team of investigators, analysts, and researchers, as well as extensive connections with government agencies at the state, federal, and international levels. 

We have worked with the U.S. Marshals, FBI, USSS, DHS, numerous European, African and Asian cybercrime police agencies, Australian State and Federal police and many private security, and corporate intelligence organizations.

Rexxfield utilizes a network of confidential informants, sources, and whistleblowers within the cryptocurrency fraud industry to aid in the successful recovery of crypto. Additionally, we can connect clients with expert witnesses in cybercrime and cyber forensics, as well as refer them to law enforcement agencies if need be.

Our crypto investigators use advanced and specialized software to trace the stolen funds to the wallets that store the stolen funds. After isolating the wallet address, the next step is to identify the owners of the wallets.

We use our proprietary software that we developed in-house, and is not available elsewhere.

Some exchanges may give investigators the identity of the walletholder when requested.  However, most exchanges require law enforcement to initiate the request. This is where we can use our connections and evidence reporting to get your case to the top of the pile of 10,000s of backlogged cases with law enforcement.

If there are legal proceedings, we provide expert testimony in court. Authored by a certified Cryptocurrency Tracing Examiner, our reports provide comprehensive evidence for both civil and criminal proceedings. 

Request a consultation with our cryptocurrency fraud investigators today by submitting our contact form. One of our investigators will be in touch ASAP. 

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Avoid Crypto Recovery Scammers

Before you engage us or another recovery firm, please read this article first, where we explain exactly how recoveries CAN happen, and how they CAN’T happen. This is crucial information to help you recognize recovery scammers, and to know if it’s worth pursuing cryptocurrency recovery and if a recovery firm is trustworthy. 

Unfortunately, the crypto investigation industry is filled with crypto recovery scammers who claim to help victims recover their money. Watch out for these scammers and arm yourself with this knowledge before you talk to any recovery firms. 

recover stolen cryptocurrency scammersHow to recognize these recovery scammers:

  • They tell you it is easy.
  • They guarantee a recovery.
  • They ask for information to access your funds or personal identification information. 
  • They tell you that they can recover your cryptocurrency through a credit card chargeback. 
  • They suggest using reverse hacking to break into a scammer’s digital assets to gain your crypto scam recovery. This is illegal and makes you party to a crime.
  • They tell you that they will recover scammed cryptocurrency by bribing or negotiating with the scammers. We have been involved in cyber investigations since 2008, and never heard of this happening. Ever. 

Steps to Protect Yourself

Check out news outlets, online communities and social media platforms to stay up to date with the latest scams and successful recovery updates.

When it comes to recovering stolen cryptocurrency, you may look for a quick result but prepare yourself for a long haul that could take months. But don’t let this weigh you down, our crypto investigators are here to support you and guide you through this ordeal. 

This is a painful experience, but take this as a learning opportunity to protect yourself and others you love from these scams. Learn the risks involved and the best practices to manage and secure your digital assets. Set up high security measures such as hardware wallets enabling two-factor authentication and being vigilant for potential scams and phishing attempts. Share your experience with others to raise awareness and help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

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Frequently Asked Questions about How to Recover Scammed Cryptocurrency:

How to report a cryptocurrency scam?

Inform the authorities regarding any fraudulent activity related to cryptocurrency. Do this by contacting the police or your country’s designated fraud reporting platform. 

Nigeria –

United States of America – 

United Kingdom –  

Canada –

Australia –

We recommend that you notify both your financial institution and tax authority about any instances of cryptocurrency fraud or deception.

In recent years, law enforcement agencies have come to acknowledge the importance of public-private partnerships in successful crypto scam recovery operations. Not all cases can be immediately addressed due to overwhelming caseloads. This results in frustrating delays for victims seeking assistance.  This wait time increases the complexity of recovering scammed cryptocurrency, as officers are already managing workloads typically meant for more than 20 agents.

With over 651,800 IC3 complaints to the FBI annually, your case is one of many. Our investigators carefully analyse your case as an individual case. They closely examine the OSINT and blockchain data to provide you with expert recommendations on what can and cannot be done.

If recovery seems possible, we’ll help you jump the law-enforcement queue because we do 70%+ of law enforcement’s investigative work for them, making your case more attractive for law enforcement to investigate and close.

Can we trace cryptocurrency transactions?

Yes. Despite common misconceptions, using appropriate tools and the right expertise, the majority of cryptocurrency can be traced.  Blockchain technology maintains ledgers for cryptocurrency transactions, utilizing a distinct alphanumeric address to identify users. The absence of personal information can pose significant challenges. In certain instances, this makes it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for victims of fraud to independently track down perpetrators. Additionally, cryptocurrency can be quickly converted into traditional currency through various cryptocurrency exchange platforms worldwide, some of which operate without regulation or financial supervision. Thankfully, cyber fraud investigators such as Rexxfield have the expert skills and global resources to expose criminals lurking behind this cloak of anonymity. Note that successful tracing and the chance of stolen cryptocurrency recovery varies from case to case. It depends on the scam’s complexity and the technical measures used to hide the perpetrator’s identity.

Is it possible to retrieve scammed cryptocurrency?

It is difficult but possible. 

It is important to note that crypto scam recovery services are distinct from cryptocurrency tracing. Cryptocurrency tracing is closely examining the OSINT and blockchain data to give you our expert recommendations on what can and cannot be done. This is crucial for locating cryptocurrency assets and facilitating their freeze pending recovery via law enforcement.

What does a crypto trace cost?

The amount of traces needed will determine the pricing of a cryptocurrency trace. Rexxfield will conduct an initial assessment of your situation and offer a customized proposal for you to consider.

What is the time duration needed to conduct a cryptocurrency trace?

Rexxfield completes most cryptocurrency tracing within 7 days.

Can the information that Rexxfield gathers be used in court?

Yes. Our cryptocurrency tracing reports are admissible as evidence in a court of law. They can be utilized to facilitate the recovery of assets in the event of cryptocurrency scams across the world.


Retrieving stolen cryptocurrency from fraudsters is not a walk in the park. To get the job done it takes unique styles, quick thinking, perseverance, and help from experts in most cases.  Following the right path can increase the chance of getting the funds back. We don’t make promises of recovery, and if someone tells you it’s quick and easy, run away. These are recovery scammers. 

Our crypto investigators successfully trace scammers and stolen funds and work with local law enforcement to make arrests and freeze wallets to recover stolen cryptocurrency. 

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