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How to find the sender of an anonymous email message

Whether it be done for right or wrong reasons, anonymous emailing is a part of life today. But that anonymity is not absolute if you as a receiver, have good reason to identify the sender, and have the patience to follow through.
Sometimes it can be very difficult, if not impossible to identify the sender of the message if they took careful steps to obfuscate their identity, such as using a proxy server. But even then it is not impossible, now our team has been able to circumvent the countermeasures taken by criminals, and by civil wrongdoers, in order to positively identify them in the full light of day.
We have published a few case studies that show the practical results of our work in this respect.
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If you have fallen victim to threats, harassment or otherwise offensive behavior by someone through anonymous email, we can help you. Contact us by completing this form and we will respond and give you some idea of the options available to you.
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