If you are on this page, then it probably means you have become a victim of a crypto crime of some kind.

You Are Not Alone

Firstly, our heart goes out to you, because we know first hand that the harm to you from a crime like this goes far beyond the financial losses. (Some of the Rexxfield team have had friends and family hit hard by crypto scams).

In most cases, it is also a hugely emotional event that has repercussions far beyond your financial health.

Sometimes the scam has been through a confidence trickster or pretext of a romantic relationship.

At other times it has been through a carefully crafted financial institution impersonation.

Or perhaps it has been through a brazen attack that you thought you were secure against.

In almost all cases, it is hugely embarrassing, generates a lot of negative emotions, depressing, shatters hope and severely damages relationships between you and others, especially if they have also become joint victims in the crime.

If you have navigated to this page after completing our CRYPTO CRIME REPORT, then you are probably looking for information on what happens next.

If you have found your way here from somewhere else, and have not yet sent us the crypto crime report (and you are a victim of cyber crime), then stop reading and go and fill that in first.  Then come back and learn what happens after that submission.

Crypto Crime Report

Our Crypto Crime Report is designed to provide us with the information we need to complete a fast, initial investigation into what happened.

The data you send us must include your details and and bad actor’s wallet addresses, the transaction hashes (TXiDs) and various other bits of data to help us “follow the money”.

follow the money

In our initial quest to follow the money, we do what we call a “Triage” and it is (normally) free of charge.

Crypto Triage

The Crypto Triage is our first look at your crypto case so that we can understand what happened and what can be done next.

During the Triage our blockchain investigators determine, in as much as it is possible, the following:

  • Where the crypto has gone, from your wallet to the scammers wallet and beyond across the blockchain (and even across multiple chains)
  • We determine whether your scammer is implicated in other known scams, and known victims
  • We determine what crypto currencies (and blockchains) your crypto has moved between,
  • We usually determine the location (at least the country) of the destination wallet address custodian, and
  • We assess what we think your options are from here.

We obviously need to be careful about how much we share about what we do, but our triage of your crypto case is designed to provide enough information for you to make an informed decision about your next steps.

The Crime Report Fuels The Triage

When you submit to us your crypto crime report, the following process starts:

  1. Our crypto investigation team is notified of your submission
  2. Your submission is reviewed, and assessed for any errors or omissions of data
  3. We run the wallet addresses and transaction TXiDs through our specialised software, and see if the data appears correct.
    • If data is missing, or there is an obvious error, our team will get back to you via the contact details that you provided in the form and ask you to complete a separate form correcting the missing or incorrect data.
    • If the data is correct, we follow the money.
    • We also undertake a open source intelligence search (OSINT) / digital footprint search to gather data on the perpetrators movements and connections.
  4. Depending on workload and complexity, a triage will usually be completed in 48 business hours.
  5. Therefore, you should expect an email, or phone call between 48 and 58 hours from your submission.
  6. Our lead investigator will explain the results, and tell you what we think your options are:
    • This is never financial or legal advice.  We do not provide financial advice nor legal advice.  You should always consult suitably qualified and licenced services in your jurisdiction for specialised legal and financial advice for your circumstances.
  7. If you have not yet submitted a crime report to law enforcement, we encourage you to do that (such as to the FBI IC3 website):
    • NOTE: We can provide you with assistance in making sure your submission  is the best it can be and therefore have the best chance of being picked up.  This is a paid-service.  Ask us about IC3 report ghost writing.

Post Triage Next Steps

Depending on the triage results, we may offer you our services to launch into a full investigation.  Our crypto team lead will discuss this on a phone call with you, including expected deliverables and our price for the services:

These service may include:

    1. Tracing your crypto to a point where it has the possibility of being recovered
    2. Watching the wallets concerned for movement of your crypto
    3. Undertaking Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to piece together who did it and where they are
    4. Using proprietary tools to gather digital fingerprints of the perpetrators and their associates
    5. Compiling a comprehensive report that is in a format and form that law enforcement can take and action
      • We save law enforcement hundreds of hours of work investigating your case
      • Normally, once law enforcement has our report and support files, all law enforcement needs to do is replicate our results to proceed with an indictment.
    6. Engaging our ex-FBI law enforcement special liaison officer to find  the best home for your case (for example, at an FBI field office near you, or a different field office that has “Venue” on your case if we find other victims of the same scam)
    7. Once law enforcement has take your case, you’ll be notified and Rexxfield’s primary role is complete. (Note, Rexxfield will continue to support your case, assisting law enforcement and even appearing as an expert witness in court, if asked.)

Rexxfield’s Distiction: Crypto + OSINT + Social Engineering + Subpoena

Discovery Investigators

There are several legitimate crypto investigation services globally (and many “recovery scammers), however, to our knoweldge Rexxfield is uniquiqe in that Rexxfield has four distinct units:

  1. Crypto analysis and investigation
  2. Open source intelligence gathering
  3. Social engineering experts (actually engaging the scammers in communications to trace their physical location
  4. Subpoena ghost writing to leave no stones unturned in civil and criminal actions.

Rexxfield is a Source, not an Agent

It is important to understand that Rexxfield has no influence on what the law enforcement office does with your case.  We are simply a trusted source of evidence and actionable intelligence.  We are not legally your representative.  We are not the victim.  We are not an agent of law enforcement.  When your case is handed to law enforcement, what law enforcement does with your case will be out of our control; although in most cases we are provided with feedback from the Special Agents who receive our submissions.

      • This may mean that law enforcement chooses not to investigate your case further 🙁
      • It may mean that law enforcement decides not to issue a court order to freeze / recover your funds
      • It may mean the prosecutors office decides not to proceed with a prosecution
      • Those risks are present in every case and outside Rexxfield’s control.

What our service does is provide you with is a MUCH BETTER CHANCE of your case being picked up and run with by law enforcement and then the prosecutors.

Our ability to get your case to the attention of law enforcement is what makes us your best bet to take on your crypto scam case, because when you look at the numbers of victims (FBI IC3 2021 report, page 18) you can see that it is an overwhelming task for law enforcement to get to the bottom of cyber crime.



With those numbers, you need Rexxfield’s help to get your case noticed.

Warning – Recovery Scammers

Let me finish with a warning.

Our main competitors in this space are not legitimate crypto currency investigators like us.  We wish they were, but sadly, our main competition is crypto recovery scammers, who, in seeing that you are vulnerable, try and scam you again.

They are pitiless and cruel.

Don’t believe them.  If it sounds too good to be true, it’s a recovery scam.

Recognise the Scammers

You will recognise recovery scammers by these signs:

  • They will say they can get a recovery of your crypto without involving law enforcement – they can’t
  • They say they can trick or bribe or blackmail the scammers into returning some of your crypto – that won’t happen
  • They say they can get exchanges to freeze your funds in a scammer’s wallet – that almost never happens without a subpoena or court order, although we have succeeded temporarily pending extention by law enforcement, and
  • They may even say they can ‘hack’ or steal back your private keys – we’ve never seen this happen.

Your best next move is with Rexxfield.

The only chance of recovery of your crypto is through law enforcement picking up your case, and since Rexxfield has been in the cyber crime fighting business since 2008, we have unmatched ability to go before law enforcement to investigate, or even solve the crime prior to handover. – Michael Roberts, Rexxfield’s founder.

If you have submitted a Crypto Crime Report, then please wait for our response.

If you have not done so yet, then follow that link and complete it now.