2021 – Unmasking romance scammers. Large romance scam uncovered and located – collaboration with FBI.

The Brief

Our client was scammed of USD $500,000.00 of his life savings by way of a romance scam. This was a big scam network with people involved in both the USA and Ghana. The criminals used several fake personas, email addresses, and phone numbers.


We specialize in unmasking romance scammers. Our objective was to establish the identity of the anonymous scammer(s).


Through our investigation, the FBI was able to identify the exact location of a large romance scam network based in Ghana and accessory money mules in the U.S. 

Through social engineering and utilizing our proprietary software, we were able to identify the scammers by capturing their location. We also captured various other digital artifacts.

After locating the scammers in Ghana, our contact in Ghana submitted the case and our investigation details to the Ghanaian Police. Our contact requested their assistance in unravelling the whole scam network through search warrants.

Our client’s local police forwarded the case to the FBI. They were able to identify the scammers’ network’s exact location, based on the information Rexxfield provided. The FBI worked together with our contact in Ghana and the local Ghanaian police to arrest and extradite the scammers to the U.S. They also arrested several money mules within the U.S.