Rexxfield is stoked to announce that Ronnie (the BEC-Man) Tokazowski has joined us as our BEC 1st Response Team Lead and Banking/Fintech AML Disruption and Liaison Coordinator.

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What Can Ronnie and Rexxfield do for you?

Help for Bank & Fintech Security Teams

MITIGATE SCAM LIABILITY: Refer Victims to Ronnie’s Team for 1st Response Tracing & Freezing of Crypto and FIAT Crime Proceeds.

As a security analyst, your job is to protect your customers from bad actors AND from themselves. There is an emerging trend for lawyers to offer contingency litigation representation for bank depositors and crypto exchange users to seek damages for their own foolish mistakes from financial institutions. Presently, you only refer them to law enforcement for investigation and unlikely recovery. But. only a small fraction of cybercrimes are investigated, with less than 1% being actively pursued. As a result, the number of prosecutions is extremely low, estimated at around three cases per 100,000 (adjusted for underreporting).

MITIGATE LIABILITY: Refer Victims to Rexxfield 1st Response Tracing & freezing of Crypto and FIAT Crime Proceeds.

Rexxfield collaborates directly with law enforcement, international banks, and crypto exchanges around the world. They can temporarily freeze criminal proceeds and then refer cases directly to law enforcement for permanent freeze and recovery.

Rexxfield Arrest & Recovery Case Studies (Update 31 October 2023)

In Q3 of 2023, Rexxfield Founder, and Ronnie’s friend, Michael Roberts, flew to Nigeria to work directly with the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission. Michael coordinated a public-private partnership with multiple law enforcement agencies for the 11 cases Rexxfield referred with Nigerian nexus. Law enforcement agencies from Canada, Australia, USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, UK agencies are involved.

Within two weeks, Rexxfield’s facilitation resulted in the following outcomes for a sample of cases:

RX-7309601 USD326,000 FIAT losses: Rexxfield traced into the blockchain and has frozen 9.68 BTC to date.2 of the 3 perpetrators are in custody, a man-hunt for the 3rd is in process.

RX-6799451 USD588,000 Business Email Compromise: USD200K+ in crypto assets frozen to date and perpetrator identified, arrest pending.

RX-7041801 USD458,000 Romance Scam: Rexxfield unmasked the primary Nigerian subject who is on FBI most wanted list and geolocated for arrest and extradition (pending). Also identified a South African domiciled co-conspirator and located her home and other soft targets. Over USD500,000 in cash and cash seized or frozen to date for our client and yet to be identified victims.

Similar outcomes are expected for most or all of the 11 cases.