Rexxfield’s Methods

Unique Market Position

Rexxfield created the world’s first specialist team of “Blogger Bounty Hunters” with a success rate approaching 90% for positively identifying anonymous online antagonists. We can expose the identities of corporate and personal antagonists and bring an end to their destructive smear campaigns with a proprietary combination of social, psychological, forensic, investigative and legal techniques.

Internet Investigation and Litigation Support

Rexxfield specializes in the following:

Our clients come from all walks of life and industries; we have positively identified cyber-stalkers, malicious anonymous bloggers, short selling conspiracy rings, corporate saboteurs and high school cyber-bullies. more >>>

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Rexxfield does not provide SEO services, but we can provide a list of trusted vendors that our clients have tried and tested.
Caveat: Read our explanation of traditional SEO inadequacies when addressing online reputation management issues. more >>>

Tactical Services (Remediation)

The libel remediation services combine the strategic methods described above together with our out-of-court advocacy services and, if necessary, formal legal services which aim to expedite the removal of libelous material from the public domain. These methods include direct communications with blog and forum owners and our liaison contacts within the major search engines. Our team endeavors to have the source of the offensive material removed as well as the links to the material from search engine indices. Success with one or both approaches is a tactical victory for our clients.

Strategic Services (Mitigation)

We work with your SEO team as part of our libel mitigation service to deploy “key words” which are not presently important but may be in the future as a result of bad press, smear campaigns, critiques, e-mail chain letters and so forth. The most obvious contingency being the names of key individuals in an organization who may not necessarily have a high public profile now, but may be thrust into the limelight if named (rightly or wrongly) in a scandal, accident or other unfortunate event.
CAVEAT: Rexxfield is not a law firm, nor does it have any attorneys in its employment. Any litigation support work, such as drafting cause of action summaries or subpoenas, may be provided only to an attorney; what the attorney does with the deliverables would be between you and said attorney. This chain of delivery for the documents ensures that we do not cross ethical lines with respect to practicing law; without being licensed to do so.