Simply copy and paste the text below and adjust as necessary.

It is important to think outside the box, remember, ISPs will only give you what you ask for, and if you do not know what to ask for, then very important information will be ommitted.

Production Request

This document is an addendum to a SUBPOENA FOR PRODUCTION OF RECORDS relating to a <Witness/ISP/Social Networking Platform Name> user (“SUBJECT”) described herein.

You are requested to produce all records described in this subpoena. This information is directly relevant to

[Add justification here]

The information should be readily accessible to you by computer search, and accessing it should not prove to be unduly burdensome.

Due to the proprietary nature of your records and the absence of publicly available information, we are unable to identify the account holder(s) through any other means. Ergo, it is impossible to positively identify the defendants without your assistance in this matter.


Furthermore, due to the perishable nature of the originating I.P address logs held by the Internet Service Provider/s utilized by the SUBJECT in order to connect to your services, with retention policies often being only one to six months, we respectfully request that you make every effort to expedite this request to avoid the loss of extremely important IP address log evidence held by the yet to be identified originating ISP.


In the interests of expedience, if for any reason you reasonably object to any specific items in this production request, simply produce the records for which you do not object and preserve all other requested information and evidence until such time that your objections are addressed. It could be that your limited production may suffice for our needs, without need for your information that is subject of your objections.

THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR THE CONTENTS OF ANY PRIVATE MESSAGES or other communications sent to or from the user(s) described herein and protected by relevant laws. If you construe any requests herein to be protected by applicable laws, we request that you ignore only those specific requests and provide whatever information you are able at this time, and advise the basis for any objections.

[IF you do seek private communications, then you may need court order, check with prosecutor]

Request for flexibility

If this request is descriptively deficient in any way, then use your best judgment to discern our intent and produce what is requested and any other information that will help us identify the individual that utilized or accessed the services described herein. Furthermore, if you require any clarifying language please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Production delivery instructions: XXXXXXXX
A scanned and email of the original response would also be helpful in expediting the resolution of this case.
(If electronic production alone is acceptable, then give clear instructions)


 For subpoena description suggestions, visit the specific page for that witness here… (LINK TO BE ADDED)