Our cryptocurrency investigators help clients recover their stolen crypto funds through Blockchain analysis tools like Chainalysis Reactor and other software. Reactor is the tool of choice for investigators, analysts and law enforcement worldwide; including a team of Licensed Private Investigators. The general belief is that cryptocurrency is anonymous, but cryptocurrencies are more transparent than the majority of other value transfer methods. 

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What is Chainalysis Reactor?

When you make a cryptocurrency transaction, it is automatically recorded on the blockchain. Every transaction, whether you buy, sell, or trade. Reactor scrapes this publicly available transaction data from the blockchain to trace funds. 

Chainalysis is a Blockchain analysis company that is used by law enforcement around the world to identify and catch cryptocurrency criminals. Rexxfield investigators use the Chainalysis’ Reactor solution to find scammers and cybercriminals to recover stolen funds

How our Investigators Use Chainalysis Reactor to Catch Cryptocurrency Criminals

Our cyber investigators are Chainalysis Reactor Certified and have the knowledge, skills and experience to trace and analyze transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Chainalysis holds valuable Open Source Intelligence “OSINT” data which can identify over 6000 unique services, that control millions of cryptocurrency addresses. This allows us to track over $6 Trillion of value transferred. Our investigators use Chainalysis Reactor to follow the flow of funds through an unlimited number of “hops” and link suspicious activity to real-world entities. This data, along with open-source data and Rexxfield’s proprietary NexusMyst® cybercrime investigation solution, maximizes the likelihood that we can discover who controls a crypto wallet and discover other related addresses. But, we can also find other valuable data such as the Bitcoin exchanges where the users of a gambling website launder their stolen bitcoin into dollars or other FIAT currency. 

In most cases, our investigators already have some kind of lead, like a Bitcoin address from the scammer or suspect. By having that address, we can follow the money, which often leads back to a particular exchange. Exchanges hold valuable data, such as KYC (Know-Your-Customer) data, which we can get through a subpoena, to identify the owner of a wallet. 

Chainalysis competitors

You may be wondering if there are Chainalaysis competitors due to the pricing. We understand if Chainalysis is too expensive for one-time use when you are trying to retrieve your funds. We are Chainalysis Reactor Certified and can do the work for you.

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