Instagram Stalkers Exposed

1 billion monthly active users share content on Instagram. But for most, their Instagram is a personal space so you don’t want unwelcome guests lurking in the dark. But technology makes it easy for people to stalk your Instagram account. And some Instagram stalkers may abuse your videos and photos, which are meant to be private, en use or distribute them without your permission. Or may use them to harass or blackmail you. 

Some users most certainly want to see the viewers who look at their profiles. But Instagram has no such feature. However, for stories, there’s an exception. For these, you can easily tell who viewed them.

Sadly that’s the only way you can see your viewers. There is no in-app feature with which you can track the stalkers.

What are Instagram Stalkers

Instagram stalkers are people who stalk people on Instagram without them knowing. On Instagram, it’s easy to stalk someone anonymously because Instagram has no feature to see who viewed your profile. You can only see who viewed your stories. 

An Instagram stalker may stalk you because they like your work or what you share online, but don’t want to follow you to keep their feed free. But in our experience, we often deal with Instagram stalkers who stalk people to gather information to harass or blackmail them. Unfortunately, it is very easy to save stories, photos, and videos, and they may be in the wrong hands, even after you deleted them. 

When stalking isn’t so innocent, it becomes cyberstalking with a more serious safety threat. From malicious direct messages to catfishing, where people use fake profiles to bully, harass or scam you out of money, online grooming targeting young people, and sexual extortion.

Who is my Instagram stalker

You may want to know, who is my Instagram stalker. There are many third-party Instagram stalker apps available that let you know who your Instagram stalkers are. Through those apps, you can expose your stalkers by retrieving their usernames, which makes you able to block or restrict users

While these third-party apps sound like a convenient option, we recommend avoiding them. None of these apps give you reliable and accurate results because Instagram doesn’t share visitor data, so third-party apps don’t have accurate data to work with, and often just show random data or provide you with wrong or fake profiles. 

In addition to their questionable …, most of these apps are free. And that’s for a reason. Once you put your login details into an Instagram stalker app, they will sell your information to other parties. They will have all your Instagram information, once you log in. They promise to not do anything with your profile, but will happily use your data to sell to other companies. 

So be warned. 

instagram story stalkerInstagram story stalker 

If you have an Instagram story stalker, it’s easier to find out who your Instagram story stalker is, because you can see who viewed your stories. 

However, some Instagram stalkers can stalk with the intention to harm you by saving compromising, private, or deleted stories, photos, and videos. Unfortunately, there are services that allow people to stalk stories anonymously, so you won’t know who your Instagram story stalker is. 

That is when our investigators can help. We can help you identify anonymous Instagram accounts. 

Anonymous Instagram Stalkers accounts

There is no such thing as anonymity on the internet. 

When you are connected to the social world, your identity is exposed. Even when you set up a profile, not using your real information Even when you are hiding behind a VPN. Our investigators can still find out who you are, where you live, and more. 

It is possible to trace a fake Instagram account back to its owner. Through reverse social engineering and digital forensics analysis, you can find the Instagram IP address and other details about the owner. 

Help me identify my Instagram stalker