i2 IBM Analyst Notebook Training COURSES

Our courses include IBM Software courses

3-day i2 Analyst's Notebook Essentials

This course enables users of all levels to understand essential concepts and features required to create and analyse associative and temporal charts.

  • Understand the terminologies used in Analyst’s Notebook – Entities, Links, Attributes.
  • Use the navigation options to view and manipulate the chart.
  • Create associative charts by adding entities, links and attributes from raw data.
  • Understand the basic behaviour of entities, links and attributes when added to the chart.
  • Create customised entities, links and attributes and add the new definitions to the Standard Template.
  • And more…

2-day i2 Analyst's Notebook Analysis & Importing

This course focuses on importing and analysis within Analyst’s Notebook and how to use these two tools together. This includes:

  • Creating Conditional Formatting Specifications
  • Planning an Import.
  • Import information contained in a Text File.
  • Create a variety of Association and Temporal Charts Using the Importer
  • Using Social Network Analysis.
  • Using Cellebrite Data File Imports
  • Modifying Cellebrite data file imports to a summarised associative chart and a temporal chart.
  • Using Google Earth to map chart items with Latitude/Longitude and Date & Time.