We receive many requests from people who want to hire a hacker to recover scammed BTC that they lost through romance scams or investment scams.

Rexxfield does not hack, but we can help you. Everything we do is lawful and admissible in court. If you are a victim of crypto-crime, and if your losses are significant, then Rexxfield’s team of specialists can help you.

WARNING: If ANYONE tells you they can hack the blockchain to recover your lost crypto, they are lying to you. This is a classic “Recovery Scam” pretext.

Before selecting a private cyber investigation firm, you should conduct prudent due diligence, such as the age of the business (Rexxfield was founded in 2008), how old is their website, real customer testimonials – not fake actors hired on Fiverr.com etc.

For more information, read how to Recover Scammed Crypto Assets With Our Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators.