Cyber Crime Investigators

Our team of Cyber Crime Investigators, including Digital Forensics experts and Legal Discovery advisors, are highly trained professionals who investigate criminal activity that occurs online or through the use of technology. We identify and apprehend cybercriminals, gather evidence to build a case, and provide expert testimony in court cases.

We have the global expertise and resources necessary to investigate a range of cybercrime activity across the world, and employ a full range of investigative strategies, including our own proprietary solution to trace IP addresses, device details, unchangeable hardware, and more, to identify anonymous cyber criminals. 

Thanks to the evidence our cyber crime investigators gather, our clients win custody battles, expose pedophiles, are released from jail after being wrongfully accused, freeze crypto scam wallets, win court-ordered financial restitution, and more.  

Our Cyber Crime Investigators Investigate:

  • Social Forensics
  • Digital Forensics
  • BEC Investigations
  • Revenge Porn
  • Online Defamation
  • Social Media Harassment
  • Email investigations
  • Spoofed text messages investigation
  • Internet Law Litigation Support
  • Law Enforcement Support
  • Crypto scams
  • Naked Short Selling & stock price manipulation Investigations
  • Sextortion
  • Reputation and Internal Leaks

We are familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding cybercrime and work with law enforcement agencies and legal teams worldwide.

What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Cyber Crime Investigators

# Combining OSINT tools with our Proprietary Software

Our Cyber Crime Investigators stand out from other firms due to our unique combination of open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and social engineering techniques. While most investigation firms rely solely on OSINT tools, we take it a step further by applying social engineering tactics to gather additional information that may not be publicly available.

Our approach allows us to gather a more comprehensive set of data and provide our clients with more evidence against their cyber criminals. Combining our proprietary software with pretexting, our Cyber Crime Investigators gather information from sources that may not be easily accessible through traditional OSINT methods. Our techniques also often reveal hidden connections that would not have been uncovered through open-source intelligence alone. This makes us a valuable asset in cases of cyber harassment, stalking, and scams, where identifying and tracing anonymous bad actors is challenging.

# Global Connections with Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

Rexxfield provides actionable intelligence to law enforcement agencies, multinationals and individuals across the globe. This intelligence has led to numerous raids, and arrests. By tracing the scammers, and analyzing the nature of the crime, our Cyber Crime Investigators are able to establish the correct legal jurisdiction of an Internet crime resulting in successful arrests and prosecutions. Because the nature of law enforcement is jurisdictional and there is a restriction and delay of information between agencies, traditional methods of recovery through law enforcement are challenging and unlikely to succeed. 

However, thanks to our connections and assistance to law enforcement worldwide, we have been able to overcome some of those bottlenecks, resulting in numerous arrests. 

We also have connections to resources to obtain specific intelligence on individuals, IP addresses, and other data, within 7 – 10 days. This significantly gives us a head start compared to other investigative firms, because this allows us to bypass the subpoena process, which takes up to over a month for each subpoena. 

# We Identify Cyber Criminals to Avoid John Doe Lawsuits

We have an 80%-90% success rate for positively identifying IP addresses for anonymous email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, website owners, etc. In most cases we can gather much more evidence, leading to the positive identification of the individual behind unlawful or harassing internet activities and building a strong case against them to present in court or to the police. 

If you have suspects, we can significantly reduce your investigation costs and time by ruling in, or ruling out the involvement of the suspects. When we are able to gather the evidence to prove the suspect is the antagonist, no legal discovery is needed. Our evidence is fully legal, admissible, and compelling in court, and so far, no judge has dismissed our evidence.

# Reduce Litigation Costs

We have Cyber Crime Investigators, Crypto Crime Investigators, Case Analysts, Digital Forensics Analysts and Defamation Litigation Consultants. With our Cyber Crime Investigations you will reduce financial expenditure associated with cybercrime; malicious defamation, stolen crypto, and other online related wrongdoing. We bring peace of mind. You will have the world’s foremost digital forensics experts, and we apply legal, ethical and most importantly admissible techniques when developing your case.

Every investigation includes an affidavit, subpoenas when needed, and testimony in court. Our digital forensics can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees, and reduces court case duration.

# Supporting Legal Team with Building a Case 

We support and consult our client’s legal teams with gathering evidence, electronic discovery, preparing subpoenas, interpreting and assessing evidence, and court testimonies. 

Our Cyber Crime Investigators in the Media

Rexxfield’s Cyber Crime Investigators are regularly featured in the media and the news. Most of our clients prefer to remain private, especially when more high-profile, but one case that was featured in the media was about BrewDog’s Co-Founder James Watt. After we successfully identified his antagonist, despite the use of VPNs, Mr. Watt decided to pursue his in court, using our evidence. Our work resulted in the criminal conviction of Ms. Ziem, and court-ordered restitution of £600,000.

Cyber crime investigators in the media

Our work and expert opinion has been featured in the media since 2008, but our most recent media presence was on the BBC, Wired’s Pig Butchering Investigation, and ITV’s online harassment documentary.