Tracing a Phone Number – Case Study 


Tracing a phone numberOur client was subjected to disturbing anonymous text messages for more than one year. She needed help tracing a phone number. The messages were harassing, degrading, belittling, and meant to cause hurt and anguish. She needed proof to bring this person to court and get justice. She suspected her husband-at-the-time to be responsible for the anonymous messages. 

The Objective

Our primary objective was: tracing a phone number to identify the individual responsible for the harassment and provide proof to be used in court. 

The Outcome

The bad actor was very careful, but through our team’s creative social engineering and use of our proprietary software, we were able to trace his IP address, device details, physical locations and more. All the IP addresses captured via various anonymous phone numbers correlated to the locations he was traveling for work at that time. 

In the process, we were able to tie the anonymous burner phone to the suspect’s abusive husband’s personal phone. 

This gave our client the evidence she needed to prove in court that the unknown bad actor and her husband were the same.  

Client’s personal review:

I hired Rexxfield after receiving hundreds of harassing and cruel anonymous text messages for 18 months. The police were unable to help me; I felt afraid and desperate for help. Rexxfield identified who my harasser/cyber-stalker was: it was my husband. Along with Rexxfield’s investigation evidence, they assisted me with gathering additional legal evidence pertaining to their investigation, during my 18-month-long divorce litigation, to create an even stronger case. During my litigation, I fought for primary custody of my children and was granted primary custody, for which Rexxfield’s evidence of my husband being the anonymous texter was a huge factor in the judge’s custody decision.

I searched through several private investigators before deciding on Rexxfield, as I have learned that very few PIs can actually do this type of investigation. Considering all Rexxfield provides, their prices are extremely reasonable and they genuinely care about your case. Along with their ability to obtain conclusive evidence, Michael, the founder of Rexxfield, gace compelling court testimony and has top-notch credentials. My attorney was pleased.

I don’t know what my children and I would have done without Rexxfield’s help.