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Video Case Study: “Who is John Edgar?”

How got the scoop on the 2012 David Jones takeover mystery.

2012 David Jones Takeover Bid by John Edgar

Video: Who is John Edgar? How The Age got the scoop on the mysterious 2012 David Jones take-over bidder.
FROM: Consumer Affairs Reporter

“I recently contacted Michael to help me on one of the biggest breaking business news stories in Australia’s recent history. The brief was to help identify the individual linked to a multi-billion takeover bid for one of Australia’s largest department stores, which had been shrouded in mystery and skeptics, and had sent the local stockmarket into a frenzy. All I had was an internet address, linked to a so-called ‘business’. Within minutes, Michael rang with a name – a name which no other news media outlet in the country had. And within hours I had a 22 page report outlining what appeared to be a detailed history of the corporate internet activities of one ‘John Edgar’ of Newcastle, in the United Kingdom. This information allowed me to gain a great insight into the background and legitimacy of this individual and also the crucial information to enable me to attempt to make contact with him and any so-called business associates.
In a follow-up phone call, Michael was also able to give me his expert opinion on the credibility of this person’s business dealings, based on his expeditious but utterly thorough social forensics. His verdict:

‘my gut feel is that this gentleman might be all feathers and no meat; there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of human gatekeepers between him and the outside world. He uses free Yahoo e-mail addresses, and does not make much effort to obfuscate his online activities.’

Not only did his ‘gut feel’ prove spot on, but Michael’s work allowed us to beat our competitors to the punch – with by far the day’s most compelling, colourful and insightful story on the mystery bidder.
Michael can be relied upon to respond to such requests with remarkable promptness and his work has proven not only thorough and comprehensive but accurate and efficacious. His skills have not only enabled me to break stories but to obtain background and information that could take days, if not weeks or months, using traditional boots on the ground journalism. In fact, he has the ability to obtain information that most journalists could never obtain. He is an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter.