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Are you are looking for originating IP addresses or other identifying details from for harassing or nameless messages, posts, emails etc? Problems and legal bills can be drastically minimized using Rexxfield.

Prior to serving civil or criminal subpoenas on, or other social media services, for the production of logs pertaining to libel, harassment, impersonation, copyright infractions etc. Your lawyer’s team may be well advised to seek out Rexxfield’s lawsuit support services to be certain that crucial internet artifacts and evidence are adequately safeguarded. Rexxfield’s past experience in these areas will help ensure that the discovery action you implement leaves no stone unturned with respect to the types of documents sought and proof uncovered. Request Rexxfield to help compose your subpoena requests.
Are You Law A Police Officer or A Prosecutor?
Where possible Rexxfield provides pro bono help to law enforcement agencies without the niche skill-sets required to expeditiously issue warrants and subpoenas for valuable yet perishable digital evidence. If you have a violent or serious crime that relies on digital evidence, we are here to help for free, we can furnish law enforcement and prosecutor references. [Get criminal investigative support from Rexxfield] Address for Service & Acceptable Methods of Service:

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