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How To Subpoena Google

If you need to subpoena Google for information pertaining to a civil or criminal lawsuit or action, it may not be as easy as you think. Google does not just bend over and respond to subpoenas willy-nilly. In many instances, they will resist the subpoena. Furthermore, consider the following likelihoods:

  1. Google will advise the owner of the email or other Google service that you are seeking information, in other words, the person you’re trying to identify will know you are looking for them.
  2. Google will often refuse to respond to subpoenas unless they are in California, the location of their head office. Although we have had success in responses from states where Google has a present such as New York.
  3. Generally, Google will respond to subpoenas from courts in legitimate jurisdictions outside of the United States.
  4. It is possible to domesticate a foreign subpoena (i.e. not from California) so that Google has no choice but to honor the out-of-state subpoena. We can fill you in on the details if you contact us.

Telegraphing Your Punches!

The term “telegraphing your punches” refers to letting your opposition know what you’re doing. This is very likely going to happen if you subpoena Google. However, if you engage Rexxfield there is a very real possibility that we can positively identify your antagonist, and inexorably link his or her “anonymous” online activities to that real person. This can save you a lot of time and expense going through the traditional litigation process.
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