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Personal note: I would like to sincerely thank the Vocus/ staff for their prompt attention to reports that their subscriber Darren M Meade was posting fallacious allegations against myself and those close to me. Particularly in light of the fact that your organization is immune to liability for defamation, and yet you still took it upon yourselves, at your companies expense, to demonstrate the social responsibility clearly intended by congress in the law that gives you immunity (Section 230C Communications Decency Act).
Darren M Meade’s original release, presumably on behalf of Ed Magedson of RipOffReport was located at:
The following email details the results of the PRWeb Staff’s investigation which is reduced to an email sent to Darren Meade. I expect that Mr. Meade will now attempt to have some of our previous releases removed in response; in anticipation of this likelihood I have provided PRweb with a declaration under the penalty of perjury that my previous releases are accurate. Updates to come if relevant.
For more context on the dynamics of Rexxfield’s interactions with Darren Meade visit here.
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Cc: PRWeb Direct <>
Press release #10296631 on Dispute/Hold
Dear Mr. Meade,
We are writing to notify you that the following press release has been placed on dispute hold: #10296631, entitled:
“ Founder Michael Roberts Alleged: Extortion of Consumer Advocacy Website Ripoff Report and Ed Magedson. SOURCE: Kairos-Meade, Internet Law Watch.”

In this case, we have received information indicating there is inaccurate information in the press release.