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Police, prosecutors, and civil lawyers can contact Google through their granular legal request form system which is linked below.

Civil attorneys – Internet Litigation Support Services

Before contacting Google, you might consider engaging Rexxfield’s internet litigation and investigative support team before filing. If you file a lawsuit for internet defamation, scams or other actions, you are “telegraphing your punches” to the defendant. Whereas, Rexxfield’s Licensed Private Investigators can help value-add the evidence pool using stealthy, lawful, admissible techniques. Our help is a case will usually reduce costs, and almost always reduce case pendency. The evidence gathered is usually extremely compelling.

Law Enforcement & Prosecutors – Free Investigative Support Help

If your criminal investigation is foundering due to problems trying to access evidence that should be accessible by way of the Internet, or third-party witnesses such as Internet service providers, then we are happy to help for free. We have helped solve crimes in numerous jurisdictions around the world, and his assistance comes with no strings attached, as long as time is available.

Internet Case Studies – Civil & Criminal

Please review some of our case studies here.

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