Case Intake – Spoofed Calls or Text Messages Part 1 of 2

If your case involves spoofed calls or text messages, please fill in the form below. But read the following conditions carefully first:

Spoofed Voice Calls Only

If the harassment is limited to only voice calls, then we cannot help except to assist your lawyer in the court litigation process. This can be expensive and without any guarantees of success. You can expect to spend at least USD20,000.00 in legal and investigative fees.

Spoofed Text Messages

We can usually solve spoofed text message cases, often without the need for lawyers and law suits, BUT ONLY if you are able to respond to the stalker. In other words, only if two-way communications with the spoof message sender are possible.  In these cases, you will need a minimum budget or USD3,000.00, possibly more, depending on the complexity of the case.

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